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I had a classically styled blazer that I shortened the length of to get a more "modern" look but I should of left it at it's original length. It's been tailored 1/2 inch  in length all around. Is it possible to bring it back to it's original length via a tailor?
I'm going to buy a brand new Filson bag from someone in person. Does anyone know if Filson fake bags exist? More importantly is their any way or anything to look for that will guarantee it to be authentic?   Thanks in advnace
Can anyone vouch for the quality of British wool? Is there anything speical about this particular breed of wool? I'm mainly looking for something warm that doesn't pill eaisily. Any info would be apprecaited.
Double post, Sorry
Thanks Archiebald, I updated with some new pics.
Hey everyone,   I'm happy my thread created such a large discusson about the best summer blazer material. I wanna thank everyone for their feedback and knowledge. Based on the reccomendations I decided to get a BB Regent soft cotton jacket in navy blue. I got it tailored to be slim fitting since I'm young and I have an athletic build. Below are some fit pics that I would apprecaite some feedback on.   Thanks  
Hey everyone,   After reading the forums and absorbing all the great knowledge here I decided to purchase my first casual blazer. I went with a BB regent as suggested by many forum members. I have an athletic build so I got it tailored to be slim fitting. Please let me know what you think of the fit and what can be improved about it.   Thanks      
Thanks for everyones input. I tried on a BB Fitzgerald jacket but it was too tight in the shoulders chest so I went with a Regent soft cotton jacket in Navy blue that I got for more than half off from the BB site. Hoping I don't get killed with customs on the way into Canada though.
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