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Ben, I personally love the 3/2 roll, unstructured, half lined, dual vent layout, with patch pockets and a welted chest pocket. Also, I would prefer for the sleeves to be unfinished b/c I prefer all my jackets have functioning button cuffs. I have recently pulled the trigger on a few MTM sport coats through a guy in Atlanta and all have had the specs above and they are phenomenal! It's like I'm wearing another shirt. If you found a fabric like these I would be all over...
Is this the same jacket as this one from the website?http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/benjamin-sport-coat-38r-1810.htmlThe color on the website seems a lot lighter than in your pictures.
I so wish you had this in a 41/42L. I tried the 41/42R that you had a while back and it fit great everywhere except it was just too short in the body. And I've been hunting ever since for a similar one in a long size. Looks like I might have to take the hard route and get a MTM.
Ideally a jacket with 18.75 - 19 inch shoulders is a perfect fit. I'm 6' 2" and 195lbs.
I agree regarding the pre-sewn button holes. I prefer the basted sleeves and then my tailor has been able to shorten the sleeves, raise the vent in the sleeves at the cuff, and then do functioning button holes. With the button holes already stitched, he is having to shorten the sleeve at the shoulder due to the concern that removing the button hole stitching would scar the fabric and you would be able to see it. I know that it would only be the detail oriented/anally...
Well sh*t! The navy plaid suit and that one were my favorite. You need to add that fabric to the MTO book. Will definitely order it with a 9 or 9.5cm lapel.
Please tell me that you are getting this one in a 41/42L?
Oh Yes! I'll take one in a 41/42L please!
Any pictures of the new navy plaid suit?
When do you expect to have the new sportcoats up on the U.S. site?
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