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http://www.ehaberdasher.co.uk/servlet/the-411/Caruso-Sport-Coat-cln--39R-fdsh-40R/DetailToo bad you don't have this in a long size bc it would already be in my closet. 30.25" is too short for my 6'1" frame. Shopping for suits and sport coats is the only time I wish I was a few inches shorter. It seems like the higher end brands (Caruso, Sartorio Napoli, Sartoria Partenopea, etc.) hardly ever make any pieces in long sizes. Sorry for the rant but it gets a little...
Any idea of when you expect to get in more sport coats in 41/42L sizes? Any new upcoming fabrics/patterns?
I really wanted to get this one in a 41/42L size. It looks great and look forward to seeing more upcoming fabrics soon.
Ben,The fit looks good and love the fabric! Can we expect this in the shipment that is on its way to your store now?
I wear each suit anywhere from once a week to once every two weeks. No this has not happened on any of my other Benjamin suits. Below is a picture of the lining where it is fraying.
The only issue that I have noticed is that the lining in the trousers of two suits that I have, both Lucente model, has begun to fray. I am going to try and post pictures when I get home this evening. I plan to go to my tailor this weekend and see if he can run a stitch across the lining so as to stop it from continuing to fray even more.
Italy! I've got to admit I'm jealous. The sport coat that you posted and is pictured below looks great. Any chance that we will see this in the upcoming Benjamin sport coat line anytime soon?
II would have to respectfully disagree. I am a CPA and work for a large Public Accounting company with a strict suit or sport coat and trouser with button down and tie dress code and I would definitely wear both with either navy or medium grey trousers and would be one of the better dressed individuals in the office. But hey to each his own and thank you for giving me your honest opinion.
eHaberdasher, I know that you plan on offering this fabric (first picture) in the upcoming Benjamin sport coat line but I came across this fabric (second picture) which looks to be the same fabric except in a lighter color combination and thought it might be a great addition especially for the spring and summer wardrobe. What is everyone's opinion and would this be something that you would consider adding to the selection?
First off I wanted to say thank you for the feedback on the upcoming Benjamin Sartorial items. I was wondering if you could post a tentative timeframe/calendar of when you expect the new line of Benjamin Sportcoats, Benjamin half-canvass suits that you talked about recently, a restock of Benjamin full-canvass suits in the current solid fabrics + any new fabrics, and new Benjamin shirts in new fabrics to become available on your website? Sorry to continue to beat a dead...
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