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Oh this one would be mine if this was available in a 42L.
I absolutely love these two but neither are in my size of 42L.
Wow! Those look amazing! When do you expect to have them up on your site?
I saw this post on eHaberdasher's page that it is a Benjamin shirt, Sportcoat and riviera sweater all from ehaberdasher.com. How can I get one of these jackets?!
Has anyone ever had any experience with T. Galyon Clothiers out of Atlanta? The website is: http://tgalyonclothiers.com/#mtmtailoredclothing. It seems as though it is great workmanship and priced reasonably well. If you have anyone has any pictures of their purchases that would be great as well.
Ben, Is there any update on more Benjamin sportcoats and patterned suits? Also, any idea of when the Benjamin shirts will be on the site? Any swatches of upcoming sportcoats, suits, shirts, etc. would be great!
Has anyone heard of Indumenti tailored clothing company? Their website looks good and the blazer and suit selections look pretty good. I'm not sure on the construction and fit and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the company and could possibly share some pictures of the results? Below is a link to one of the suits that I thought looked...
Would you be willing to accept offers?
Ben, I wanted to see if you were still planning on making some sport coats in the swatch below? I absolutely love this fabric and have been waiting on it ever since you posted the picture. If you are, PLEASE make one in a 41/42L!
I love the Riviera cut as well. Very high quality, great fabric, and full canvas. I tried to purchase two of them myself, one in grey herringbone (41R) and the other in grey plaid (42/43R) but unfortunately both were too short. If they were in long sizes (i.e. 31"+ from the bottom of the collar) then they would have been keepers!Definitely looking forward to more Benjamin sport coats and suits as well bc to me they are the best bang for your buck compared to anything...
New Posts  All Forums: