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Ok when you post pictures of sample jackets like this it is just wrong to the rest of us who can't get our hands on items like this. You have got to offer this fabric! Please make one in a 41/42L or 43/44L. Can you provide closer pictures and details of the fabric?
Oh come on....now that's just cruel!
Well I hope the deal goes through bc I would buy multiple items. Any idea on the pricing?
Can you tell me where are these sport coats listed on your website? I really like the blue herringbone (3rd from left), the blue solid behind it, and the solid brown on the opposite end.
+1 on making a brown/chocolate cotton or cotton/linen blend suit. I have wanted one for years like the one pictured above or like the one below but have been unable to find one that is of a higher quality and Italian cut. I recommend one with patch pockets, soft or unconstructed shoulders, dual vented, and half lined with flat front trousers.(Image courtesy of sinabrochar)
I agree with this, I'm between a 41/42L and 43/44L but prefer a jacket of at least 31" from BOC or more as I am 6'2". I know the current trend is for shorter jackets with narrower lapels but I feel that it is just a trend and will soon fade out just like 3-button suits/jackets have in recent years. IMHO, there is nothing better than a timeless 2 or 2/3 roll button jacket that is toward the longer more conservative length with a wider lapel (10cm+). This has never and I...
Ben, I personally love the 3/2 roll, unstructured, half lined, dual vent layout, with patch pockets and a welted chest pocket. Also, I would prefer for the sleeves to be unfinished b/c I prefer all my jackets have functioning button cuffs. I have recently pulled the trigger on a few MTM sport coats through a guy in Atlanta and all have had the specs above and they are phenomenal! It's like I'm wearing another shirt. If you found a fabric like these I would be all over...
Is this the same jacket as this one from the website?http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/benjamin-sport-coat-38r-1810.htmlThe color on the website seems a lot lighter than in your pictures.
I so wish you had this in a 41/42L. I tried the 41/42R that you had a while back and it fit great everywhere except it was just too short in the body. And I've been hunting ever since for a similar one in a long size. Looks like I might have to take the hard route and get a MTM.
Ideally a jacket with 18.75 - 19 inch shoulders is a perfect fit. I'm 6' 2" and 195lbs.
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