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Found a gucci wool reversibul for 6.99, always check pockets and buttons
Todd SnyderXChampion, XL, Yellow. NWT/Return. Trade or Sale      
Quick and dirty from D.C.     Pucci, Charles Hill, PRL, Yale Co-op. October's very own
@ReubenR Hanover
not red fleece. Just brooks brothers
Have you told your parents yet?
NOS PRL (34)   PRL cashmere (XL), Gant (S)   John Partridge (S)   Canali (52)     41L     Pal Zileri (32ish)   BB Italy (Not lardini, same maker as BBGF, 45L)     Buttery Cashmere, Handwork everywhere (N/A)     Etro, 80/20 Cashmere/silk from Louis boston, Drakes for Louis   Zegna
Last chance on these bad boys. Hit me with offers of cash or trade.    9D  
New Posts  All Forums: