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I was pretty bummed when I saw that Hermes tie in your cart, but why you passin on Cucinelli RLPL, and Aldens??
Still have a pair of Rick Owens drkshdw jeans. Probably a 32 waist. Can provide more measurements and pics.   Open to trades or offers.       Anyone go to Williams College or Brown?? I have sets of Ben Silver for both    
5 pairs of Zegna by Incotex pants. Double pleat, cuffed, 36X29     $15 each  
Home from school for the weekend,   Brioni (38) Zegna (36) Theory (34) Incotex (33)     Unvented but it was $4.99   POP (28)   William Lockie X APC (XL) Reigning champ (S)   Kuro, EG (L) POP!   Hella old Brioni sport SS fun shirt   I was just thinking about how annoying it was that my sister stole my barbour scarf   UKIP tie (for my other sister, she worked for a member of the party in the EP) PRL womens or kids belt   these were...
kiton makes some of their clothing, but these are attolini
This is the signature logo  Playdice's looks 70's/80's
Niether. Canali
I wonder what the highest MSRP haul in the thread is. Silver's to be close
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