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2nd one right?
Looking for a down puffer jacket in small/medium
13D 9D Charles tyrwhitt 44L
Still looking to unload these. Both are 40R
Who needed help idling Barbera jackets??
  Loro Piana orphans        APC (L) Givenchy (N/A)       PRL USA (34-32)   Zegna (50r Roma fit)   Hickey Freeman, Paul Stuart, Ricci   T&Ax2, PRL   POP (Small)   Barbara by Attolini (silk/linen/wool, handwork everywhere) 52   Silk/Woool/cashmere (XL) M,L,L   N/A     Can anyone help with dating this? 38r/s   Paul Stuart by Isaia (52L)
I would cop a suit at that price. If anyone can grab me one hit me up. Ill throw some bones your way.
New Posts  All Forums: