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intresting. I guess they make the canali leather cafe racer I have
 This is why I love this thread! Thanks for the ID help
Forgot about these two finds     Aigle sailing boots, these are the best boots for dinghy sailing. I got my first pair when I was sailing in high school and the next year they stopped making producing them. The demand was still so great after they stopped producing that another sailing company made almost exact knockoff of them and even advertised them as copies.      Sweet Patagonia bag, which will be prefect for sailing. One compartment is mesh for wet stuff....
Yup, first time out and about in the dirty D
Stuff from the past week, some of it from a meet up with @GMMcL, which was a pleasure as always    Everything is available  Brown label Canali  40S    Pissed this is Ladies, large   Large   Pop on Pt01, Are the gucci pants anything special?   I think the Aran is ladies but it fits me (im a small), RLPL is large and cashmere     Rugby    40 short, baller linen and silk    love the salmon fishing bear tie   little rough, but I paid $7.99...
Few things from yesterday. All available     Large dudeish pendelton    POP!    ladies...              POP on LVC      solid gray are NWOT   Never find leather in small sizes. too bad its not my style     Old 3pce bloomies tweed
I checked the chore jacket i have by them says homme so im gonna stick with women's. Probably a boy's style cut
Nothing earth shattering but most of it is from a stuff-a-bag-for-$10 so the PPU is something dumb like $.75     NWT J Brand, NWT agnes b.(not sure if mens or womens, tag says pantalon garcon)   Chinolino and what feels like linen/silk PRL       Lulu, medium, i think mens....   Recentish Zegna (16)   Pop on the Holland and Sherry, no tag is Paul Stuart    Odd Ferragamo womens fleece with sweeeeeeeet buttons    big guy WW Chen cut in...
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