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TBH i spilt soooooooo much Taco Bell on my Hermes t-shirt while i was out and about thrifting yesterday. Kinda fucked, seeing as i did the same thing with a big mac and my Sugar Cane shirt as i headed up to Maine last week.
The J.Press is prob the stuff that is made for Japanese markets
Word on those ice creams
NWOT $20+shipping       Slim 32  
I would fucks with this for VT winters
About to hit the bae with these. Hit me if anything jumps out at you.       58L       40r   40r   med   44   42     42     Med   Med   42r  
Paul Stu by Isaia      VTG PRL Linen 42ishL (dual vent)     Aran (m)     Pair of Canali Sweaters (merino, 50Euro)   Etro funfetti/James May shirt (Tagged 40)   Johnston cashmere (XL, Green)   Boss, Gucci, J.Press made in Ireland, Zegna    Felt, Silk-Trafalger   Zegna black scotch grain i think (40)   Brioni Denim/leather woven (42 or something)     Prada Americas cup (mine)   FF linen (33, someone want these...
No watch :(     Went to Maine for the weekend, big boat was broken so I had to settle for this for the weekend   Tom Ford glasses (ebay) Turkey shirt (not thrift, but $4 in Istanbul) Onia swim trunks (thrift)   No shoes.     And this    
Stuffs   PRL 3 Piece suit (Linen/silk, Tagged 44L but has small shoulders. Dual vent, ticket pocket, side tab pants)     50-60's J.Press tux jacket     Paul Smith (40R, FF pants, Dual Vent)     KFS POW or something       PRL Italy N/A     Brown Uni Ben sliver buttons, found on the worst jacket ever.     PRL side tabs, Belvest for Trillion   RLPL N/A   $$$$$$$$$$$ These are my fav tie finds...
Hahahaha posted that belt about a year ago. Fucking random 
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