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Looking for a full track suit for a last minute costume. Doesn't have to be great or anything so hit me with anything and everything. Preferably on the smaller side but hit me up if you have anything remotely close Thanks
Flight club bruv
wayy too good of a deal to be real
My point was more about the needlepoint thing, seeing as its such a staple of prepdom
Harley owners arnt buying $160+ needlepoint belts lol, its from the Fishers island Harbor Open golf turny 
Just landed in Chicago for the weekend, if anyone would like to hit me with a few spots in PM it would be very appreciated! I promise not to blab
I thought the no feet in pics was the only rule we ever need....
Sorry for the potato pics     This was odd, did not cop, no pants :(   Raleigh (33) Outlier (NA)   Recent Zegna blue staple suit (FF tagged 54 milano)   Cashcord   Incotex gray FF S100's   Both tagged 54, dual vents. Blue is S130s   POP on the Quindici, should pay for the whole haul    Paisley polo is silk/cashmere      Trafalger(look nwot), polo, zegna glasses   Brioni FF gray flannel, Oggsford cream wools (would fit in well in...
Braved pre-half off day, eh    Silk L/S Brioni (XL, more wear then i noticed at first) OG FP for me   FF tagged 36   Trafalger, Brooks brothers sterling (CDG), coach    first iceberg ive ever bought 
Pop (tagged 33)       Pop on the tiffany      Pop! Tagged 52    
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