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By the way the BB tag is attached, I would say southwick, which now makes BBGF
Came to the realization that I own too many J.Press ties for a college kid who likes Yung Lean. Hit me up if any tickle your fancy.    
I have a strange hatred of F. E. Whateverthefuckhisnameis
Size on the ye?
I just picked up an SC with this tag, quality is still there
If you could get it to the US by this Saturday.... 
I know this isnt the place, but I already posted in the trade thread and im crunched for time.    Looking for a blue suit for a wedding, 36/38/39S depending on measurements, Reg may work so dont hold back from hitting me up if you got something. Last minute wedding, so it doesnt need to be a top brand, really anything will work if it fits!     I have cash or fine tailored goods. Also have mad SW&D if thats your thing.
New Posts  All Forums: