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Have you told your parents yet?
NOS PRL (34)   PRL cashmere (XL), Gant (S)   John Partridge (S)   Canali (52)     41L     Pal Zileri (32ish)   BB Italy (Not lardini, same maker as BBGF, 45L)     Buttery Cashmere, Handwork everywhere (N/A)     Etro, 80/20 Cashmere/silk from Louis boston, Drakes for Louis   Zegna
Last chance on these bad boys. Hit me with offers of cash or trade.    9D  
Someone in CT is doing this....
@SpooPoker I think real.... but age/is it a thing?    
  Any one know what maker this is? I have seen the tag in BBGF suits before and remember someone mention that it was maybe Isaia, but the BB tag isnt sewn in the same way Isaia does it on BBGF jackets that they make.
its not a polished, CM boot. More of a workwear type thang 
Thanks for the info!
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