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 Thank you so much for finding this! Im gonna have to try and visit the museum before i go back to school. The weird thing is I found the vest in a DC suburb, not in New England. 
NWOT so mad it isnt smaller... so fucking cool           Odd vest for the big dudes, Handwork everywhere      ???
Just a pair of Italian pinstripe PRL pants. I'm pretty sure your are the 3rd person to post that exact pair of pants asking if they are a thing
I know there was some discussion about cleaning ties awhile ago- one mentioned having success with having them cleaned, could someone PM me what to ask for when I talk to the cleaners?
Jimmy Iovine swag  
In the DC for a summer internship, still trying to find the honey holes but damn its fun to explore new thrifting grounds   Everything is available   Ugly, but all T&A   Bird Dog x2 (made in China, but someone will want them), Beau Ties, NWT Hugh Simms madras/denim    Liverano (hoping this is an older Liverano&Liverano) Dolcepunta 7 fold, RLPL, Versace    Dior homie (POP), Gucci, BB repp, Hickey Freeman (for the little dudes, dads hit me up),...
who the hell would fake a chipp tie???
Found out the hard way that NMLC studios are shit
Pretty sure I saw you at unique checkin out the overpriced Chanel glasses, wasn't sure if it was you otherwise I would have said hey.
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