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Gonna get my meager finds from yesterday inb4 Spoo   Brioni delta gray, random alligator     
Got the itch after I posted my last haul, glad I did   Patagonia, Icebreaker, Lulu   Wicked smartwool   This one had me scratching my head, Brooks Brothers by Canali    Stuart's choice by Isaia    POP!!-Raf mainline 08    
Always assumed they did their own, thanks for the correction! 
do they make for Spano? 
Had a great time reuniting orphans with @GMMcL Unworn Farragamos (8) Lilly F U pants (32)    PRL Italy FF gray (34) Versace orphans but they were odd enough, Prada gray FF (50 by Belvest), Outlier-POP!!-(31) RLPL (17) T&A (17) Adam Kimmel-POP!!-(L) RRL (L) Burberry (XXL) PRL drug lord big pony (L)  First time ever seeing Paul Stuart by Adrian Jules     BBGF Loro piana 130s by Greenfield (44L) PRL by Corn (silk/wool/linen 44L)  Pretty sure this is Loro Piana        POP!! on...
I've seen old Paul Stuart that was made in west Germany, other then only other tagged W Germany stuff I've come across was Hugo
Alden for Barneys (9.5 b/d)  
Wes can say for sure but i wanna say hanover
Looks good. Their US offices must be on Ave of Americas 
Cheaney Chelsea boots dont have laces
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