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I have the Alden of Carmel commando sole chukka new this winter.  I have found them to be very comfortable and the perfect go-to in a particularly tough Cleveland winter.  I have also had the double leather sole chukka and do not find the commando sole to be any more clunky.  
Extremely comfortable.  Commando sole is surprisingly flexible, and great in the Cleveland winter.  One of my favorite Alden's now.
With "antique edging" can be worn both casually or with a sport coat. Well maintained.
Very well maintained classic. Price new $660.
New price on tassel loafers very well maintained and cared for. PM for more photos.
Alden #8 shell cordovan chukka boot in size 8D.
Alden for Brooks Brothers #8 shell cordovan loafers, size 8E.  
I bought these too on a whim, and while I struggled a bit to fit the into the rotation, I think I found a place.  I have been wearing them with dark jeans on the weekends and have received lots of compliments from the ladies.
This is a size question.  I wear the lined LHS in 8E. Over time it has become loose and sloppy, especially in the heel.  On the other hand, the BB unlined LHS in 8E fits like a glove and has maintained that comfortable fit over time.  Hoping to get a cigar (lined) LHS from NRO but not sure how best to adjust down the size.  What do the experts think?  Maybe an 8D in the lined version?  Unfortunately, no bricks and mortar store near me to try options.
I have worked with Rafael in the store and I give him very high marks for professionalism, knowledge and patience in finding the right fit on the modified last.  I followed up by email once or twice with questions and, again, he was very helpful and prompt in responding.     
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