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In my experience with Norse Store they shipped FedEx to the US and it was a royal pain in the ass. In the area I live in I tend to favor UPS or FedEx in general though.
I do not recall as it was over 2-3 years ago, I do know that they shipped by FedEx and I needed to set up some kind of account with FedEx to process the fees.
You will most likely get hit with Duties, I know I did.
 I once bought a belt from Inventory, about 75ish CAD and had no customs or any charges what so ever. I don't remember whether it was shipped FedEx though.
Does anyone who the site doesn't work for use NoScript, I recently had to adjust my scripts on the site and then it started working. Hope this helps.
If I recall correctly I believe that the Steep is heavier or rather a better cold weather trouser.
Hopefully these are around on the 25th.
  They are very similar, I have worn a pair of 31 ( should have sized em 32) Unis Chinos but after some experimentation have settled into a 32 in Epaulets Chinos and Walts, that said you should be ok ordering your same size.
Hows it Fit across the shoulders and how slim are the sleeves?
The shirts are online now.
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