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Here are the pictures of my newly arrived Polo Suede Wingtip Boots. Can't wait to try em out. Thanks to @steveyoo1983, @ScottMC and everyone in the GMTO for making this happen.                
Not many about 3-4 times. Due to the Winter deciding to be very mild here last season. Hopefully we get some actual snow and cold otherwise they will be a bit to warm with their lining for me.Great boot though otherwise.
Here are some Crappy phone photos of my Galways. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Here are links to the high-res versions.http://imgur.com/G7TDtO0http://imgur.com/ecxWe37http://imgur.com/SzEKzoghttp://imgur.com/PTWKlDBhttp://imgur.com/xpyQ0t2http://imgur.com/Hdj2nWY
I've never tried it on suede, I can't think of a good reason it would discolor or damage it though. It worked great at removing the glue that was on a pair of Meermins that were lined in Sheep shearling. After looking at the bottle I have it does state not to use on suede or leather.
Try Goo Gone.
@ScottMC Cool will do.
What are the details as far as price?
I got a pair maybe 20 minutes ago, just keep trying.
Edited wrong thread.
In my experience with Norse Store they shipped FedEx to the US and it was a royal pain in the ass. In the area I live in I tend to favor UPS or FedEx in general though.
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