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I got a pair maybe 20 minutes ago, just keep trying.
Edited wrong thread.
In my experience with Norse Store they shipped FedEx to the US and it was a royal pain in the ass. In the area I live in I tend to favor UPS or FedEx in general though.
I do not recall as it was over 2-3 years ago, I do know that they shipped by FedEx and I needed to set up some kind of account with FedEx to process the fees.
You will most likely get hit with Duties, I know I did.
 I once bought a belt from Inventory, about 75ish CAD and had no customs or any charges what so ever. I don't remember whether it was shipped FedEx though.
Does anyone who the site doesn't work for use NoScript, I recently had to adjust my scripts on the site and then it started working. Hope this helps.
If I recall correctly I believe that the Steep is heavier or rather a better cold weather trouser.
Hopefully these are around on the 25th.
  They are very similar, I have worn a pair of 31 ( should have sized em 32) Unis Chinos but after some experimentation have settled into a 32 in Epaulets Chinos and Walts, that said you should be ok ordering your same size.
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