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I just can't switch to a Kindle. Somehow it just doesn't feel right.
Since they are self help and business books I'd probably box them up and store them. I still have books that I purchased as a teen, which was almost 30 years ago, but they are either art books or classic fiction.   Darrel Morris
Thank you for this post. As a new member, and one who currently still wears off the rack clothing, I appreciate this information. It will come in handy when I do finally manage to make the switch to bespoke clothing. It's just a matter of time because anything I purchase needs extensive alterations anyway. I have to buy size 48 coats and have them altered to fit a 34" waist so I think made to order is really my best option. In response to an earlier question about why...
As a scrimshander, I would say to collect what you love. Don't feel like you need to buy everything you see. Many new collectors grab whatever they can find, assuming that a great collection means having a lot of whatever it is they are collecting. In my opinion, the most impressive collections are focused. Buy what you really like and buy the best that you can afford. That way you will build a collection that gives you years of enjoyment and that you can be proud of. As...
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