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I don't own anything in K-last, but I believe concensus is you should keep your U-last size.
Want to buy a navy double breasted sport coat/blazer size 40R/S. I prefer as light padding as possible, preferably Italian made but not a must. Let me know if you have something for me. Thanks.
Here is what I would do (and what I did). Take any tie from home. Put it on and use preferable knot (FIH for me). Make sure you are satisfied with the length of the front blade. When you've got that right, just take a look in the mirror and decide what length you'd prefer for the back blade (0,5-1" shorter back blade than front blade for me). Mark it, unknot the tie and measure the length. Et voilà!
Thanks. PMed.
I purchased this from a respectable member of this forum a while ago, but it's to small for me. This is a absolutely stunning piece, I really regret letting it go. I've tried it on several times, but I've come realized that there's no miracle happening anytime soon so I'm passing it on.   Unworn versatile navy blazer. True 3 roll 2, dual vent, flap pockets. Bottle green buggy lining. Tons of handwork, including pickstitching, handmade buttonholes, shirtsleeve (unpadded)...
Me (all regular widths)Carmina, Rain & Forest: UK7,5Carmina, Simpson: UK8C&J, 348, 337 & 341: UK7,5G&G, GG06, TG73 & MH71: UK8Vass, U & F: EU41,5Based on this your size should be EU40. Hope this helps.
It's pretty much the same procedure as tapering the pants from knees down. Just starting the procedure higher up the pants. Any decent tailor should be able to do it, but it may take a more experienced tailor to not mess up the balance. Then again, I'm not a tailor. Just tell them to taper the pants equally at the inseam as the outseam. Some tailors have a tendency to just taper from one seam, which usually ruins the looks of the pants.
I taper (thighs down to cuff to render a proportional look) all my pants no matter the maker, simply because I want them personalized to my specifics. Cuffs + tapering (+ waist + take out seat) is pretty much standard procedure. Ergo, my Italian fit HY pants and my soon-to-arrive USA fit HY pants will have the same look.
Selling an immaculate Zegna Milano Easy fit size 42R sport coat. For you who aren't familiar with the Milano Easy fit, it has even less padded shoulders than the regular Zegna Milano fit and fits approximately one size smaller. I wear size 40R in regular Milano fit and size up one for Milano Easy fit and they fit pretty much the same. I purchased this sport coat new and have used it a maximum of 3 times. MRSP is $1,695.   Measurements: Shoulder width: 18,25" Chest...
Wow. I gotta say, your DM is not for the faint hearted. I need to get me a pair. Immediately. And thanks for clarifying about the length.
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