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Not saying it's preferable to do so, just that it would be interesting to see whether he did or not. At least, it'd be interesting to know if he wears calf or suede (or something else). As for the watch strap, are you referring to the matching of the watch strap and belt? Personally, I always try to wear watch straps, belts and shoes from the same color family (brown, black, red etc). Doesn't need to be a perfect match (in fact, it never is), but I try to achieve some...
That last picture is rather interesting from multiple perspectives. The obvious being the shirt. It's not just red, but also gaudy/garish. The SC + trouser combination would also be frowned upon as they're to close in color/tone as it seems. The SC features elbow patches, which don't have any real function, unless the elbows have been worn out. It would be rather interesting to see what shoes he wears and if there's a relation between them and the elbow patches, given that...
Thanks, davesmith. I've read different reviews regarding the leather pieces, some positive and others that were negative. The negatives were older, though. Of course, if the leather ripped it's not a good investment, not even for £20-30.
Gorgeous, RogerP. Are the boots on the Rain last?
When in doubt, opt for white linen.   You have 2/4 of the elements in this fit   Get yourself a white shirt and a white linen PS with hand rolled edges. The latter will come in handy in 99 % of all your fits. Plus, everyone has to own a white shirt.
I'm not confident enough to express whether they're made to the same specifications. This is what I've read on AAAC and on SF. I purchased a pair of braces from T M Lewin recently. I'm still waiting for them to arrive, so I don't have first hand experience with them yet. The only long run first hand experience I have with braces is with a pair from Marinella.
If I'm not mistaken, Albert Thurston makes TM Lewin's braces as well. That's usually a cheaper route than going through A.T. directly.
I honestly didn't put that much thought to it as you seem to have done. I just went with my gut feeling, and I felt good about the outfit when I saw it. It was refreshing. Sure, it could be better coordinated with regard to the blue-ish hue of the SC and the tie. But then again, there are A) much worse fits on here - imo - that gets a lot more positive attention than Gerry's fit and B) there will always be "better options" as long as we don't always select the optimal...
No problem. I might do it through MTO then or jump on the DM. Not sure, though. How do monks fit compared to oxfords, btw? More loose all around? Do they feel wider? More loose around the heel?
Hi, gents. I'm interested in trying out Meermin. It is model #102480 (https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4289) that has caught my attention.   What I'm trying to figure out is this: 1. Is the following shoe on the Olfe last: http://41.media.tumblr.com/1a191d4458b3542bdd53e57d2ed21a91/tumblr_mv6qx5Tp2s1s27kvvo1_1280.jpg ? 2. I think it looks an awful lot like Edward Green's 202 last in this picture from...
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