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I can't believe these babies are still available. I have a pair myself, and they're great. They age beautifully! [[SPOILER]]
Had I not purchased the DMs 3hs ago, I might have considered pre-order #4. Any pictures of what Carmina's brown museum calf looks like? And just for the record, Steve was a pleasure to deal with, as always. Thank you.
Everything is left but the 4 Cappelli pocket squares. The Cappelli squares are the first 11 pictures.
Visited SkoAB this weekend. A pleasure as always. Took advantage of their Enzo Bonafè offering and ordered a pair in Plum museum on the 946-last based on the 3817 model but with the Mantegna medallion. Looking forward to receive it.Model: [[SPOILER]] Medallion: [[SPOILER]]
Sounds like a plan. Let us know revisit this topic then. Problem is, my fingers are itching to use my credit at your store, lol. I guess I'll have to practice self restrain until then.Any plans to add additional models after your visit to Mallorca?
It looks like it's on the Rain last, no? I would prefer a single colored shoe, actually. Preferably in mid (Vegano) brown as I lack that shade of brown in my collection.
I have no clue. I just expected it to be available since Steve didn't object when I tried to get together a GMTO a couple of days ago. Would you be interested if it's available?
Well, it surely doesn't look like it's gaining momentum :( I'll try again. Any GMTO interest in the oxford shoe below in mid (vegano) brown?
Is there any GMTO interest in the oxford in mid (vegano) brown?
Valued member and easy to do business with! Would have purchased if I was in the market for a grey nailhead suit.
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