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Surely not taken =)
No problem. If the comparison is to be made with those makers, then yes. But for all others (except Carmina Simpson) I think many people will find great guidance.
With regard to EG, I size up because of width. Porobably, UK7,5 in F width would fit me better than UK8 in E width. I've never tried it, but that's what I suspect since size UK8 feels a tad to long but well width wise.As for Carmina Simpson last, it never fit me well I sized up because of width. Also, the instep was to low.From the shoes above, I'd say the Bestettis and Vass U-last fits me best. From SkoAB's stock, I'd probably say EB 804 in UK7 is the best fit.Size UK8 on...
Sorry, gentlemen. I thought the guy in the store said 167, but I must've heard wrong. I meant 187 last. The swan neck cap toe was the model I tried. I changed my initial post accordingly.
Hence the "though question" (=it depends). If you're a wide fit in Vass for example, I don't think a regular CS will fit you. But if you're a wide fit in G&G and EG as Leaves, that might work out for you. I size up 1/2 for EG and G&G, mostly because of the width. Judging by that, CS regular width works for me. I would say it all depends on what you're comparing to.
That's a though question. The short answer would be 'no'. CS lasts are roomier, but I think since you will need to size down 1/2 from you're usual size to CS, the width might become a problem if you're not a normal width. If it was me, I wouldn't take that risk.
Just wanted to advertise the GMTO I'm currently running. It's an Ascot Shoes Budapest model for Vass exclusively for Ascot Shoes. You can find more pictures and details at the following link http://www.styleforum.net/t/517989/gmto-for-ascot-shoes-budapest-model-by-vass
GMTO FOR ASCOT SHOES BUDAPEST MODEL BY VASS (CLOSING DATE FEBRUARY 26) [[SPOILER]] DetailsAscot Shoes Budapest Model.Oxblood calf (or other color free of charge).Vass lasted shoe trees.U-last (or other last free of charge).Standard width (or other width free of charge).Fake wingtip stitched on instead of an extra layer of calf (like the pictures and like Edward Green's Inverness and Midford).Contrast white stitching (or standard/black stitching free of charge).No returns...
I'm glad it helps you out. The helpful staff at SkoAB underscored this as well. They're roomier than your average shoe. Although sizing down 1/2, I didn't feel that the length was compromised.
I visited SkoAB today, mainly to see Carlos Santos' shoes in person. My size (all normal widths) Carlos Santos (187, 234): UK7 Enzo Bonafè (946): UK7,5 Enzo Bonafè (804): UK7 Carmina (Inca, Rain, Forest, Uetam): UK7,5 Carmina (Simpson): UK8 Crockett & Jones (348, 337, 360): UK7,5 Vass (F, SP): EU41 Vass (U): EU41,5 Edward Green (888, 82): UK8 Gaziano & Girling (GG06, MH71, TG73): UK8 Riccardo Bestetti (1966, 1967): UK7 Hope that helps.
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