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Up for sale is a Raffaele Caruso Sartoria Parma overcoat in size 42R US / 52R EU drop 6R with stunning classical details such as turnback cuffs etc. This jacket  jacket is made from an amazing 100% Loro Piana Zelander Wool fabric in dark grey with a very subtle melange effect. Qualitywise this overcoat is top notch and it has a lot of nice features.   The overcoat has been worn just a handful times and it has no stains or defects.   Size: 42R US / 52R EU Drop:...
Was it taken in at the side seams or the center back seam? Thanks.
@NickPollica any idea?
Any idea how the fit of the Tenero model compares to the Lorenzo in terms of measurements/fit? Thanks.
How does the Tenero fit compare to the Lorenzo fit? Should I take the same size in both? What's the difference between them in terms of size/measurements?
Selling a L.B.M. 1911 sport coat. Brooks Brothers offered a similar sport coat last season and it sold out immediately upon release. This jacket has been used less than 10x and is in excellent condition.   Brand: L.B.M. 1911. Size: 42R. Fabric: 80/20 wool/polyamide, but feels and looks 100 % like wool. The polyamide has been added for durability reasons. Color: Please see pictures. Features: Natural shoulders, 2 button front, dual vent.   Measurements: Chest:...
Selling a staple NWOT Canali Kei sport coat. The jacket is unworn.   Brand: Canali. Model: Kei Collection. Size: 42R. Fabric: 100 % wool. Color: Navy gingham check. Features: Unconstructed, unlined, 2 button front, 2 patch pockets, dual vent.   Measurements: Chest: 22". Length (BOC): 30,5". Sleeve: 25,5". Shoulder: 19,25".   Price is $350 $325 $310 $300 $290 + shipping cost.
I've checked the Luxire website, and these are the two white Royal Oxford fabrics that they're offering (one was suggested earlier): 1. http://luxire.com/products/lelan-cotton-royal-white-oxford-ss_rz_5396 2. http://luxire.com/products/grandi_sky_roy_b_14937_00031_fine_white_royal_oxford_200-2   Is the second shirt worth paying approximately $100 more for?   EDIT: I ordered the G&R fabric. Thank you for your help, gentlemen. I really appreciate it as the shirt is for...
 That's a great suggestion, thank you.The most important to me is the transparency issue, I do not, under any circumstances, want the fabric to be transparent. When you say sheen regarding royal oxford, is it obvious or is it subtle? The sheen is the reason I'm staying away from sharkskin fabrics for example (or maybe I've just seen bad examples of sharkskin in the past).  I honestly didn't have a clue it was two different fabrics, just thought 'royal' implied it was a...
Thank you foror i.e. input. I've always thought that Oxford fabric wasn't formal enough (for this kind of rig). Am I wrong? Do you have a link to what fabric on the Luxire website you had in mind? Thanks again, I appreciate it.
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