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Great lot and great seller. Purchase with confidence.
I contacted Luxire by mail almost 4 days ago, but still no response. Anyone else experiencing a slower mail response?
Thanks, Stefan88. I appreciate it. 
Would love a comparison shot of the 062 and 946 lasts next to each other. Anyone owning both? The former reminds me of C&J 348.
Thanks for the suggestion and PM w. link, jrd. I'll look into it.
I agree. What have your experiences been like? Have you achieved a clean line all the way from the waistband to the leg opening?I have preferred "tapered" before, but as of late I actually prefer "old man" as long as I have a clean line with a nice silhouette. LOL @ the English comment 
They fit almost the same as those Zegna Milano trousers to be honest. I think the biggest problem with my fits emanates from the hip area. If this is adjusted I will be able to spot more clearly other problematic areas. As for which fabric to order, I think I will have a chat with Ashish at Luxire, show him the pictures and ask for his proposal for alterations. I'm fine with ordering the more expensive fabrics ($250) and ask him to leave much room for alterations and send...
HY USA fit. I have a pair of Lands End's chinos in size 32". Their hip width measurement is 42", so no help there unfortunately.
Thanks, Murl. I've tried Incotex, PT01, Pakeman, TM Lewin, HY and these are Zegna Milano fit to name a few. While I have tapered my trousers intentionally in the past, I'm planning on not to in the future. But that is not my problem. The elephant in the room (litterarly) is my butt. None of the makers named above have had enough room in the seat. Any suggestions?
So, here are some pictures of my trousers I wore today. [[SPOILER]] The measurements are as follows:Waist: Didn't measure, but 16,5" maximum if I'm not mistaken.Half hip measurement: 21"Hip front measurement: -Front rise: 10,5"Back rise: 17,375"Inseam: 30" (I take 30,5" + 1,75" cuff usually, but there isn't enough room in these)Thigh: 12,75"Knee: 9,25" (at least where I think the knee width is measured)Leg opening: 7,875" Here is what I want to change:Half hip measurement:...
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