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Here am I sitting with a Marinella tie made for S. Berlusconi thinking I'm special and around comes this dude... Kim Kardashian's ass broke the Internet. This post will go down in history as the listing that broke StyleForum.
Thanks mate, that is correct. Although, this one seems to have to narrow shoulders for my frame and being a little to short for me. Would have purchased it immediately otherwise. Appreciate the heads up though, thanks again.
The brown dotted (pictures #12-13). Thanks.
Is it brown/navy? What is the waist width at the top button?
Yes, that's what the listing says. But how have you measured it?
How have you measured the rise on the second pair?
Thanks for the mention, razl. Will knock off a couple if you mention this thread. Also, nice Canali jacket you got for yourself!
I'm selling a Canali Kei sport coat. The first pictures are taken in natural light and the last picture is taken indoors. All pictures are taken without flash.   Details Maker: Canali Model: Kei Fabric: 55 % linen / 42 % wool / 3 % silk Color: Blue Features: Two patch pockets, quarter lined, natural shoulders   Measurements Shoulder width: 18,5" Chest width: 21,75" Length (BOC): 31" Sleeve length: 25,5"   Price: $325 + PayPal fee + shipping cost Thanks.
Wow, the most important detail, lol. Thanks! They're size UK8 standard width.
I'm selling my pair of Carmina double monks on the Simpson last. The shoes are used less than 3 times and are in mint condition. They feature metal toe taps worth $35.   The shoes needn't further introduction. I bought these from Gentlemen's Footwear and have included their picture display picture in this listing. They are the exact shoes that I'm selling. Albeit redundant, I've included a picture of my shoes as well as a picture of the soles to prove that they're in...
New Posts  All Forums: