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Thank you, sir. All the measurements were spot on for me, except maybe the shoulder width. Depending on the shoulder padding/extension/seller's measuring technique it might be 0,2" to wide. I have a Zegna SC with extended shoulders that's 18,875" like this and fits perfectly. Otherwise, 18,5-18,75" is optimal for me.
Thanks. Looking forward to wear it. I think it will prove to be very versatile and a great addition to my wardrobe.
Kiton, 100 % cashmere, 3r2
Regarding the Kiton jacket (#4), would you mind clarifying the following: 1. Is the length including the collar or not? 2. What is the chest width measurement? 3. What is the tag size?
My pleasure.
Thanks for sharing your experience with the lasts. Glad I asked, but bummed about the answer, haha! 946 is really pushing it for me. Anything tighter won't work. Thanks again.
@RogerP, I received my first pair of Enzo Bonafè shoes on the 946-last the other day. Knowing that you have shoes made on that last, and on Vass' U & K-lasts also, how do K and 946 differ in fit? I own shoes made on the U also, which fit fine. From what I understood, K is more tapered at the toe box than U. When I tried on my pair on the 946-last I could definitely feel that there was less wiggle room compared with the U-last. I've planned on purchasing the K-last in the...
Thanks. The medallion was what caught my eye in the first place. I think the medallions are one of many details where Vass excel. They make some of the most beautiful medallions out there.
Thanks. They're model #5200 (www.vass-shoes.com) in brown museum calf, F-last (size 41). I believe NMWA carries this exact make up (might be where terrorsquad got it from initially, dunno).Here're some more pictures from indoors: [[SPOILER]] For what it's worth, I believe the F-last is much more appealing in smaller sizes. I have a pair in size EU41,5 as well, but the proportions of size EU41 are much more flattering. It looks much more sleek.
Received my shoes from @terrorsquad. Thank you for a smooth transaction. From the looks of them, I'll be reaching for them fairly often. The mottling is more muted indoors than the pictures suggests, which I prefer.
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