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That LP suit looks great. To bad it's not a natural R, but a shortened L with working sleeve buttons. Would defenitely be interested if it was a natural 40R.
Seller says he's UK8 in C&J 348 and that they fit similar to them. On the other hand, he's UK8 in JL 700 and EG 82 also. I've seen several members on this board saying they size up 1/2 from C&J 348 to EG/JL, including me. I'm tempted to purchase them, but am afraid they won't fit. Anybody with (more) experience?
This seems like a fairly good deal to me http://www.styleforum.net/t/409955/george-cleverley-strap-loafers-brown-calf-8uk   Wondering why nobody takes them. Is it GC's sizing maybe?
First off, quotations don't require any loading. Second, the info could be 15 pages back as well as 2. Thus, I didn't know how many pages I was required to load. That was info I didn't have when I wrote the post. If I had it, I wouldn't ask, would I? Therefor, it was simpler to just ask. Anyways, this is a ridiculous discussion. Thanks for your help.
Relax. I'm sitting in a hotel room on my phone with an awful broadband. Didn't mean to offend you with my harmless question.Thank you for an aporopriate answer, appreciate it.
When is the last day for this GMTO? Also, is there any active GMTO like this one but in dark brown suede? Thanks.
GOD! This is beautiful! Seems effortless but yet excellent.
 Thanks for the mention. They're awesome ties. Not even sure I want to sell them. The only reason I've listed them is because they're 3,25" width, I'm used with 3,5-3,75". I might try them on again and decide to keep them if I don't get any offers soon as I love the patterns and colors.
VictorSF was muscular. And I'd say his clothes and fits were among the best. I believe there was another athletic guy of Polish origin in the early days that looked great as well. The reason average body types (I'm in this spectrum regarding height) tend to look best in clothes is because RTW clothes are tailored to those specifics. Since the majority of people purchase RTW suits, it's only natural that they will fit the average man better than someone outside the average...
Selling three ties in 100 % wool, two Drake's London and one 1924 Calabrese Napoli.   From left to right in the display picture:   1924 Calabrese Napoli Width: 3,25" Length: 61"   Drake's London Width: 3,25" Length: 59"   Drake's London Width: 3,25" Length: 59"   Price is $90 each + shipping cost and Paypal fee. Will offer discount on multiple purchases, including my other listings. Check them out and feel free to ask questions. Thanks.
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