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a pair of sweet wolverine 1000 mile boots size 12
how do we find out all the different things you make zissou?
i agree with the "QPR" problem. the whole country is the size of new jersey with limited amounts of suitable room to grow. the country has various different climatic regions. i think this may be one of the main reasons of the high asking price. i recently tried an excellent bottle from Israel. it was the 2003 Yarden Katzrin. definitely over priced but i wasnt the one paying for it at the time.
who here has done some leather-craft work? im trying to get into leather-craft as a hobby and would love some back up. Some ideas for projects would be great. Tips, plans, etc. would be awesome.
anyone here big israeli wine fans?
LOVE the laces on them
deer bone?! sounds crazy
scuffs just buff out?
you dont use any colored wax or polish with them?
hi guys, i recently picked up a sweet pair of the Alden longwing 975. Its been a couple of weeks now and i think its time to give them some TLC. I've heard a lot of good about the brand saphir and their products. what do you guys think about them? I want to hear some techniques on care and polish for these great shoes.
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