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why would you want them removed?
Still on the hunt guys. Any new ideas?
i guess the cap-toe is okay... One thing i really liked about the bradfords was the tan CXL the come in.
Hi guys,  I figured if there was anywhere else to look it would be here. I've been on the hunt for a pair of wolverine 1000 mile bradfords in size 11. They've been discontinued for over a year now so i guess that is whats leading me into such deep trouble. I REALLY want a pair of these shoes. New, used, abused, ill take em. Ill even go for an 11.5 if i need to. Has anyone at all seen these? Or maybe something equivalent? Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I've got a $350 one  I've got a $200 one  How about $300 for the $350 one and $175 for the $200 one?  If you want a pair of aldens, here's a way to get them for under $500.    Also in the market for anything shell. Open to offfers.
my girlfriend kept reminding me to close my mouth hehe so i picked up my brand spanking new tan addisons (for FREE) and being as they were so incredibly nice there the manager/ sales president threw in a full 1000 mile shoe car kit and a super sweet 1000 mile keychain. he also gave me a hint on the 744s- he wouldnt say but he made a "smoking cigar" motion. dark and rich brown? sounds way too sweet
I'm heading back later tonight for their grand opening. ill try to grab some sweet pics
If anyone lives in the NYC area i have a serious treat for you! If you havent heard yet Wolverine just opened up a 1000 mile exclusive store in SOHO! I stopped by there last night and i just couldn't stop drooling! they had every of 1000 miles up on display to try on, just gaze at and buy if you'd like. Not only did they have boots to offer but they teamed up with other made in america companies such as filson, telason denim, and much more. Really the coolest store ive...
ending tonight red wing heritage collection beckman moc toe boot size 11 Brand New In Box   also for sale is a brand new pair of alden longwings for jcrew in dark brown horween chromoexcel leather- all offers/ trades welcome
did you guys hear about the wolverine pop up shop in NYC next week? who's going?
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