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with your 1ks on your feet? epic ride
then what is shell horsehide? it it possible that they just started calling shell horsehide shell cordovan in the past 50 years?
still for sale?
shell horsehide= shell cordovan?!
its definitely not the rockford. look at the storm welt
where do you get your cobble work done? and does anybody know of a good place in nyc that would do this?
i would throw some cash on top. what are you looking for? pm me
ive got a pair of unbranded 14.5oz japanese selvedge jeans if youre interested. if you didnt know these are actually made by naked and famous and source the same japanese denim for this line. they are size 32. i was hoping to lose some weight to get into them but sadly its not happening... care to trade the diet jeans? ha 
hey guys ive been looking for a pair of these for quite some time now or something very similar to these. maybe chippewas or something like that. i love the ultra rugged vibram soles but with a still kept clean leather upper that looks like it can take a hell of a beating. im open to all sales thanks
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