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No thoughts at all? Anybody try them out yet?
I have these in the 2918 black version.They're my go to rain/ bad weather boot.They really take a beating in the black.Sno seal treated of course
Tried the evan williams single barrel yesterday. Was excellent! for under $30 its a no brainer!
Just stumbled upon this company. Seems like they're still in their baby stages.  Made in the USA (Heart of NYC) Japanese Fabric Raw selvedge Denim CUSTOM FIT.... Sounds like a winner... no? Gonna order a pair of jeans at some point today.   What do you guys think?   Oh- 
Up for sale is a brand spankin new pair of SWEET Hand Made in the USA Red wing Brogue Iron Rangers. They are size 12D and run a bit large. The perfect boot for this coming winter. And now a bit from Red Wing-- As a member of the Iron Ranger family, the Brogue Ranger is similar in design and performance but possesses a few key differences. Constructed to be a shoe for use when walking through wetlands and bogs, the 8126 was built with functional style in mind and features...
Up for sale is a brand spanking new pair of size 8D Red wing 9029 Beckman boots. They are very handsome looking well built boots. If you have any questions please ask! Local to NYC if you want to check them out. A bit from Red Wing-  "The 9029 is part of our Beckman collection. The collection is derived from the boot’s classic Red Wing styling and the use of our exclusive Black Featherstone dress leather custom tanned at our S.B. Foot Tannery, located in Featherstone...
Recent addition to your fan club here. Love the way you guys conduct business. I recently received my #17 super heavys. I'm very impressed by the construction, styling and fabric. Just wish that the area 2 inches below the waist was a little more spacious. Crotch area? Should i size up?
haha would be an epic combo
lol... thought you meant cycling...
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