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Also, no Michael Bastian Polos this year?  
 Yes, that is an option I've considered, but that cuts into the value a bit since my tailor charges around $30-40 for that.  
@joshgustin    Curious if you were ever going to offer size 37 Slim in Chinos.  I'm sort of at a standstill because 36 fits me too tight at the waist, and 38 too big.  I wear my heavy caramels in 38 even tough they are a bit big, but they are more of knock around status. 
 Was there any disadvantage to the bleeding though? 
I just backed the shirt grab bag.  Mostly because I love gambling.  
  Same exact experience.  I have a bit of a paunch and my Gitman Vintage Oxfords fit me just right, but this Gitman Blue I ordered from Myhabit is incredibly boxy and you can tell as soon as you unfold it.  Luckily myhabit has a great return policy.  
  What exactly is "qualify" information?  
size 36    looking for wool or chino.  Please PM if/when deal goes through.  
  Yes, they do  look different.  And yes, they are true to color on here.  Very dark almost wine.  
  Cognac McTavish.  This is my first pair of AE.  I am pretty excited because they look 100 times better in person than on the AE photos.   My question:  I've heard people saying they were going to coat or treat the shoes.  Pardon me for being a newb, but what do I put on these, and why?  
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