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I will look into him thanks!
I am trying to find a tailor in Chicago that can help me with a a bespoke suit. Does anyone have any recommendations?   Thank you!
Looking for The Banshees Wool Black dress pants from Bonobos. Either in Slim or Straight Leg with 28 Waist. Price is negotiable willing to pay around 80 dollars
Hey,   What is the best way to wear an oxford shirt where the collar color doesn't match the shirt color? The collar is white and the shirt is blue, I was planning to use it for a semi-nice dinner tonight. Thoughts?    
A good amount of my Wardrobe right now is Armani Exchange and I do find it kind of low quality.   Thanks a lot for your suggestions though, I'll check out Uniqlo and BoO
Hey guys I know this thread is mostly for getting opinions on specific items but what I really need are new basics for my wardrobe. I was wondering if you could recommend brands that run pretty small and slim fitting. I always have problems buying clothes and most of the time thing's I buy have to be altered in some way because I'm only 5' 3". Any advice you could give would be great. Thanks!
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