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 Suit jacket. Giveaway is the "W34" on the jacket size tag. Check for the pants!
If you shipped to verified addresses them you're covered either way. PayPal may get charged back and have to pay the cc company but you won't get charged.
Silk Picasso bomber.               @white collar             Some minty tees from the early 90's.    
HUGE shoutout to @SteelGuy  
 Probably better to ask in the ebay thread + provide pics. Hard to judge otherwise.
 Yah. Women's Teesdale jacket. 
Stuff from this morning. Available.                                   Maybe @Nataku or @Fueco can tell me more about 1st Down. 
 Didn't notice the shoulder stuff until I got home. Not worth the ebay headache even thought it'd definitely sell for more than I paid. Would rather hook someone up here who can use it as a beater and/or get it fixed.
Anyone want this for cost + shipping?    Tagged 54R so probably a 42R or 44R. Dual vent, unlined, patch pockets. Niggle on shoulder in close-up pic is the only issue I see.      
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