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 This response would explain why you have so many ties :P
 I recently copped a pair of N&F grey selvedge in my size and I think they're great. They're good quality and worth the money as long as it's reasonable(I paid around $30 and am pleased).
 Anything is worth copping for personal use as long as you like it.
I'll second everyone else. Happy birthday, @SpooPoker 
 Yep. That's the Isaia tag.
Putting these on ebay tonight but I'll give you guys first crack and a cheaper price. Rancourt for Brooks Brothers mocs. New without box. Size 9D.  [[SPOILER]]
 Same. Had no idea.
 He said it was too late when the last person asked, sorry man! There's a site-wide gift exchange going on, I believe. 
First thing I looked for haha. Thanks. Unvented but whatever, ill keep it for future reference if nothing else.
The other I have is in the shoulder seam. This has this tag. Fake?
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