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 Recent label. Pending price I'd say yes.
 Definitely not cheap. I own a few pairs of silk and silk/cotton pants that are amazing. I'll shoot you a PM. 
 Den Im by Siki Im(who I love)
Couple things I found on vacation. Only spent about 3 hours total since I wanted to actually take some time to relax. All available, per usual.   Mint Ray Ban 4197's.       Burberry tweed suit. Flat fronts and shit. Around a 40R.       Brooks Brothers silk/wool. 40R       NWT Lubiam SC. Super textured wool. 40R       Zegna Su Misura 15 milmil 15 suit. Dual vents, working cuffs, etc. 42R.           There's a few other odds and...
Any interest in this? Hate to sell it, considering how awesome it is but stuff's gotta go before I move.    Dries Van Noten 100% linen, double-breasted, unlined and unstructured jacket. So fucking baller. Tagged an EU50.      GONE.
Aye. Buyer paid while I'm on vacation. I'll handle everything when I'm back.
 I'd have guessed Rick or Haider. If you move them and they're 36-38 waist, let me know!
 Not shell. Creases if you zoom in. 
I love finding good stuff for resale but finding something that fits me and fills a wardrobe need is far more gratifying since finding stuff for myself is so hard. 
 This is the best thing in this post. If it's ever available, let me know.
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