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 Unfortunately the 24" sleeve is a no go. Not getting over my head so early haha, we'll see how I like the piece I have coming then go from there.
I also bought a fake Hermes today. Didn't register it was fake til I had already bought it, oh well, only $1.   Everything available, per usual   Alden 2160 shells. 13D. #8 color.       Rest of the fodder. 2 x ST polos, ST tee, Patagonia long-sleeve label tee, Polo Sport and Paul & Shark tees. Southern Tide keychain as well.     Some ties.       Marmot full zip fleece(S), Patagonia fleece vest? @Fueco what is this exactly?     Martin & Osa...
 100% fake.
 Unfortunately, wasn't an option.
 Let him talk shit and keep it moving. Money>dicksizing. 
Mostly would be worn with one of a tee, dress shirt or sweater/sweatshirt so hoping for the best. Haven't seen many size 7's come up and especially not for the price I paid so I'll make it work either way. Appreciate it dude
Just picked up a memory coat off of Grailed. I'm 6'5" - 230 and picked up a size 6(I have never owned a SS piece to compare sizing to), am I in for any surprises as far as fit goes? The chest measurement seemed properly big(24") but just want to be sure. My chest measurement is around 22.5"-23". Thanks in advance!
 This was last week when I found the LP Horsey. I was just in a good-ass mood that day haha. 
We have some short ladies here who attack the racks when they come out. I literally just reach over their heads to grab what I want. Helps being 6'5" but damn. Had a guy threaten to fight me over grabbing a retro-x patagonia off a new rack before he could reach his hand up. I even left him the TNF Denali right next to it as penance!
New Posts  All Forums: