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Only one real find today, couple other fodder items.    These are available:    
Random request but if anyone comes across a working Roomba in a thrift, can you PM me for a proxy? Thanks!
Not too much today. All available.                    
I like finding polo
I think @the2ndhandman is questioning who sells Cucinelli SC's to Buffalo Exchange for roughly $11 each if they got cash, $16 in store credit.
Some stuffs from today.     NWT Marine Layers pindot shirt for me and a brand out of NC called Ole Mason Jar. Super nice quality.                         2 x Southern Tide    
Available, unless noted:   Both pairs gone to thread members already.     Marinella gone.                                                                   Plus the Polo puffer I've already posted.
 Thanks for the link. I don't know how I missed that one between ebay searches and google image searches.
 Thanks dude. Can't find the same tag online anywhere so I was just shooting in the dark. Outside of being wrinkled it's pretty flawless so unsure if it's been used or not.
 Little wrinkled as I just picked it out of the store an hour or so ago:   
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