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when i was in florida over the weekend this humane society thrift had like 30 ties from the brand "another shitty necktie"...i considered buying a few cuz the name itself is hilarious.
i didn't know coppley was a thing. i've passed on the same SC at a local shop 6 times now -_-
 I'm all for not critiquing fit pics if it's not asked for but I just feel like critiquing a jacket that no one is wearing is pretty harmless.
i'd go daily until they dry up...never know until you check.
that's what i'd do if i was near their area :P
different days. GMMcl found his stash yesterday. i assume htey came from the same store, though
 i'd be more worried at getting pissed off at someone on the internet for not liking the elastic hem of a leather jacket. i don't like shoes with thick tongues but i couldn't tell you why...i don't think that makes my opinion any less valid, i just think thick tongues look terrible.
 his opinion wasn't even necessarily directed at you, but rather the piece of clothing. i don't really think you need to be so defensive in this situation. i'm sure he has every right to have an opinion on a piece of clothing when you're not even in the picture itself...i don't understand.
Spring/summer SC for sure. dual vents, partially lined      
I rarely find an item per month that fits me the way I want. 4-5 shirts from my last haul fit me well though and I'm definitely keeping them, since it's so rare for me. 
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