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Need a little help.   Hopsack?  
Up and at 'em! Gotta find a way to fill the time in til thrifting starts at 6:30. Dat hour and a half drive :(
 Probably early 70's.
 Yeah, I remember you were the one who posted the deal haha. I thought they would last longer than they did. I never see them come up for sale in my size. I've been looking for over a year now >_<
 Still upset I didn't cop when Barney's Warehouse cleared them out a couple years ago :(
Makes sense if bespoke.
 Norfolk jacket.
If the pile on a retro x I found is sorta matted is there a way to fluff it back up @Fueco 
Why is everyone so on edge lately? Just need to chilllllllllllll man.
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