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 Salvation army with no return policy, so unfortunately not.
Saw these today and know nothing about watches. Any help would be appreciated:              
Found some stuff today. All available and shit.   Size 9C. Any idea on maker? With box.       9.5 EE. With box.       POP in the wild for me. Medium. Would love to trade for a Large.       Large       Extra Large MIUSA.       36 x 30       Paid up a bit for this but I'm 99.9% sure it's real.             NWT 100% linen. Tagged Large but probably around a ~42. Triple patch and shit.        
 Maybe they changed it but I doubt it. Hell, even the t-shirt I have has the huge material tag. I don't know why they need a fucking novel on the seams. It's so uncomfortable.
 Fake. Material tags are way bigger than that, honestly. I have a mainline CdG shirt I'm putting up this week and I feel like the material tag is like 1/4 the size of the damn shirt.
 Thanks dude. That's what I figured.
  Is this just a slubby wool?
I will stop the fire posts with some average shit:   Anyone know shit about these? LL Bean made in England loden wool pants. Can't find a comparable pair online but my google skills suck.                                                           4 x Charvet tuxedo shirts. All 16 x 34 I think.   
 Haha I wasn't talking about the pattern or anything. I was making a joke about your lack of wearing pants in the picture. Just joking man! It's a great jacket.
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