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12 hours thrifting -_-   my favorite pickup of the day:         3/2 roll, dual vent, half lined. Union label dates it to the 60's
So, I need a lot of shit gone...and there's way more than this...but this is at least a starting point. PM me with interest for pics of any of the following items: [[SPOILER]]
i wish i could pull off half the looks you guys can...but i just stick to my basics. dress how you want, regardless of who else dresses that way. i think everyone's a bit too touchy on the subject of criticism of fit pics lately.   relax!
 Times like these I wish I had paypal. Slim chinos would be a fucking GET
 Can't blame you. I get to deal with drunk idiots tomorrow. Fucking YES.  Hope you enjoy.
that attachment blazer is so bad-ass.
 Hope you enjoy and happy birthday! I expect a fit pic at some point!
Don't worry, you'll have awesome stuff in your hands tomorrow!
Todays pickups. All available.    Viyella 17.5       RRL western style shirt. Size XXL.     J Peterman OCBD. Size XL     Older Filson. Size XL     Coast. Size M.     Brooks Brothers Made in Italy. Loro Piana fabric. Tagged 38R.         Almost forgot:   Zanella SC. Tagged 42R. Dual vented.      
Is coast a thing? Googlefu sucks right now
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