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Some recent stuff. Available as always.                   38R       Recent BB suit x 2, recent Boss suit.     Carhartt Work in Progress Tee. Medium     Ferragamo loafers, Agnes B boots.     XXL     16     15.5     16             I never buy Ed Hardy but this was honestly just too nice and cool to pass up.      
Exactly. People leave money behind every day without knowing it or just thinking it isn't worth their time. I'll take all those Joseph a bank suits.
 Competition has been full of new people for at least 2 years now. They'll probably just lose interest and move on.
 It's real.
 Just depends on the pattern and how you can photograph it.
 Alfred Sargent?
Yall argue too fucking much.
Dropped prices on some of the above items as well. Thanks!
Filson cover cloth weekender jacket. Size Medium. $120 shipped.       Genuine lizard belt from Francis Edward. Size 38. $25 shipped.     Allen Edmonds Dickson in walnut. Size 11 EEE. $35 shipped.     NWT Polo Ralph Lauren cotton SC. Size XL. $40 shipped.  
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