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 Judging by the angle of the twill, I'd say real. 
 Velvet is a cotton.
Fixed that for you
Went to drop some stuff off at the tailor and hit the closest store. All available.   Oxxford's are 48R's, dual vents, half-lined.                Ethrift.      
Has anyone had luck removing monograms from the chest of shirts? If so, PM me please. Thanks!
Forgot a few things:   Represent Clothing Co made in England for myself. Really dig the style of it.     VV marlin tie, Sulka.     And can ANYONE tell me why these exist. I mean, I had to buy them just because but it's just not something I expected to see.         Kenzo Paris motherfucking chopsticks. 
Lots of stuff from today. All available if you want it.   Recentish Brioni. EU54/US44. Single vent.       Vintage Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece shawl collar, single button tuxedo. Single vent and such. About a 43R/L. Funnily, there was a pair of Trafalgar braces and a vintage BB black cummerbund in the pocket.       100% linen Massimo Dutti. Dual vents, 42R.       Vintage BB self-striped suit. Flat-front, single vent. 43R/L.       Marni x...
Would there be any interest from any of the eBay guys in a tie lot between 50 - 100 pieces? Looking to get about $3 each. Worst ties are Talbott or BB. Instead of spamming pics, I figured I'd ask. If interested, PM me for deets.
 99% fake, imo.
 Only found US and Japan myself.
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