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Dem godlike finds.
Glad I made a 15 minute stop by my closest Goodwill. All available.   Woolrich made in USA Navajo coat. Size L       Brooks Brothers 1818 100% linen Fitzgerald jacket. 44R.       I don't really(never) cop Joseph Abboud but this was made in USA, silk/linen, dual vents and really nice. 42R.    
 Hard 3 buttons, pinstripes, excessive shoulder padding maybe? Those are generally what I look for
 Yup. Definitely a blatant violation. I'd talk to someone at ebay and get that shit handled immediately. 
 I'd exercise my right to tell him to go fuck himself. As a grown ass man, why the fuck does anyone think it's okay to speak to someone else that way? 
 Wrong word for something so cool.
 Same. I generally have like 20 pairs maximum to go through.
Unless they run a size 12 or 13 then I'm out :P
 I need smaller feet.
 All good, man. Everyone learns eventually.
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