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If hooker has me blocked, at least I know it's because I argue too fucking much. Some of yall take that shit to another level tho lol. Anyway, nordy is doing 25% off clearance. So I bought some shit.   NWT Zegna Quindici, NWT Jack Spade cotton(again)     NWB Red Wing chukkas. Size 12. Available.  
Made a stop earlier.   Patagonia's are size L. 2 x full zips       Gore Windstopper Mountain Hardwear full zip XL     TNF Gore Tex shell. Missing tag. Same donor as others so L/XL     Madras by APC SS madras shirt.     
 I've had numerous discussions about the same shit with people on this board. You're not telling me shit I don't know outside of how it personally affects you. That's not me not knowing shit, that's me not knowing shit about your personal business, those aren't mutually exclusive ideas. As for the rest of it, I'm over it. My original point was that it seemed out of the blue and unnecessary to jump on an off-handed comment and go off about it. That's pretty much it. What...
 Regarding the issue at hand, I just don't think he's even talking shit or anything. Saying that people in smaller markets/poorer areas have to grind it out on more iffy/average items than someone in LA isn't really big news. Mainly because LA pricing wouldn't allow it anyway. If the option for someone like him is to do nothing or tie up $1.50 per tie to make a net profit of $6-7, I'd think making the money would be the easy choice.  LA is weird about thrifting. There's so...
 TBF, I don't think that's what he was implying at all. I think he's simply speaking in general terms. LA is competitive, yes, and it's not easy to be successful there at all. I think he's implying that the good shit at least exists there and is found sometimes, unlike where he lives, so it makes sense(for him) to cop stuff that others in bigger cities/better areas would not. IMO, if you can buy dated Talbott BOC's for .50 and under, I would do it. Same with BB's and shit...
 Saw it when you put it up. Good shit man!
[[SPOILER]]   Want.
 Look at the bottom left of the Zegna material tag. It denotes "jacket". If it's a suit it will say "suit". Easy tell on Zegna's.
 Me neither lol. Possible they had it shortened? Not really sure.
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