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one find, slow day, available:      
Daks makes some awesome stuff.
i did earlier!
shoutouts to shoutouts...   also big thanks to everyone i've dealt with over the past month or so, i've gotten some awesome shit. huge huge shoutout to 1 of the cool kids for being awesome as well.
bad thrift fit time:   Jacket: Michalsky puffy blazer(from ridethecliche)Shirt: BoO(from BrianG)Pants: H&M(thrifted by me)Shoes: Jack Purcell Converse thrifted by me Loving the jacket!  [[SPOILER]]
 Glad you enjoy! edit: @Ace_Face yes, St. Andrews. same tag was on a sulka cashmere jacket I found.
Not much today:   Indian Madras, size 35-36x30 available       3 ties, first Brioni tie in the wild, all available      
Not that great. My area is pretty dry right now. Will post the rest up tonight or tomorrow. I've been up like 30 hours and I'm probably gonna just pass out sooner or later. Mostly spent time picking up stuff to help me organize...like 50 suit hangers lol
12 hours thrifting -_-   my favorite pickup of the day:         3/2 roll, dual vent, half lined. Union label dates it to the 60's
So, I need a lot of shit gone...and there's way more than this...but this is at least a starting point. PM me with interest for pics of any of the following items: [[SPOILER]]
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