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 Thank god I left that 1% possibility of being absolutely wrong.
 Cheaney, I'm 99% sure on the England ones.
An ethrift came in:          
 This is mainy preemptively dropping the mic.
Detail shots of the Browns Beach Vest if anyone can help date it:  [[SPOILER]]
Another Staff lol
Some other crap   Women's stuffs:   Ann Mashburn gold cotton shirt dress(M), 2 x St John sweaters.     Etro linen(39), All Saints faded paisley chambray(N/A), good Polo?      Beach chairs and airplanes/clouds.  
 You still got it except on rarity. 
 Thanks dude. The best I could find was this: http://www.vintageworkwear.com/2013/10/vintage-browns-beach-jackets-and-vests.html This one has the ones on the right so that'd place it in the 50's or so. Either way, I'm not gonna complain! Edit: no other tags other than the brown's beach jacket tag at the neck.
 Judging by the nipple snaps I'd say yes but this is the first I've found as well. 
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