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 Adjustable tweed back. Strap back, I guess? 
So this is a thing. Anyone need it?      
 This is what they are.
Oxxford x 2.           Dual vent, ticket pocket, working cuffs, 100% cashmere. I don't normally buy Tom James but it's baller as hell.     BB Italy silk/linen/wool by Lardini. 41R.       Recent Boss wool/silk. 44R       Steven Alan 40R.       'Lo Sport spell out.     Zegna spread collar 15.75" neck.     N&F indigo selvedge with some nice fades. Tagged 33.       NWT Zegna flat-front gray trousers. Tagged...
 I have no idea. I know the workers there and she's apparently been coming there for years. Doesn't excuse it. Only other competition at that store is her friend, who's extremely nice. To be fair, my girlfriend was there and had to be talked down from sticking her since I couldn't. Sucks for her that I'm moving into the area as of next week and am petty as fuck. I'm sure there'll be more to this story at some point lol.
 Prada but it's been up for a while.
 Not gonna lie, I tried to call dibs.
I'll post pics later of stuff but have you ever met a female flipper at your local store who's just a huge cunt? This motherfucker literally grabbed items out of my hand when I was looking through the racks. 
Rest of stuff.   XL     XL     Recent Hugo Boss. Reda super 100's and all that shit. 44R     Same as above. Same donor.     Southwick flannel.     Old ass BB Makers flannel.     S5A w/ silk Zegna cloth.  
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