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Anyone with experience with Bottega Veneta woven slip ons? Curious how they size. I wear a 45 in CP's but some 45's are too tight in other labels, while others fit fine. 
 That Saks was great when I was down there. Hell of a find on the suit!
 Fuuuuuucking slayed.
 7 separate attacks. 100+ dead just in 1 of them(theater). Just disgusting all around. Vive la France.
Wanna give shoutouts to @ocooney and @ReubenR for the recent packages. you guys are awesome! 
 Koala-T posted like 20+ pairs of selvedge in the BST thread the other day. May have some your size? Super reasonable prices as well.
Tagged 52R Isaia Alpaca blend SC. Dual vents, 3/2 roll, triple patch pockets. Baller as fuck!        
Alpaca/Wool Isaia SC. Dual vents, tagged 52R. Triple patch pockets and partially lined. Available.        
 That bottom one is dope.
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