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 Absolutely brag-worthy. Looks awesome.
 This is what happens when the DNC chooses a candidate that not even women are excited about voting for.
 Wasn't that Darkmatter and Mainy's website? DM7 was weird, though.
 It was like a week and 2 days lol. I'm good now, hopefully.
I've been sick for like 2 weeks. This shit fucking sucks. Barely left the bed. Hopefully I can get out tomorrow for the first time in a while.
These Fingers Are Made For Typing by The Grail Boys
Hugo Boss is some of the easiest suiting to sell if it's not dated as hell. Pays the bills every month.
I'm assuming there's like 10 pages of shit I don't even need to read if I want to catch up to the thread, right?
 Thanks mang. Has a few spots but I'm sure they'll come out.
Some crap. All available.                                        
New Posts  All Forums: