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@Fueco any idea how old this is? Or what to call it in a listing?      
Things one does not want to wake up to:       A 50 foot pine tree crushing your car is probably up there.
 Appreciate it. Whoever had them made had a small ass head! Actually, scratch that. It seems the head size was in "punti" measurements and I have no idea what the fuck that is. 
These are good right? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I don't know shit about hats.      
Today's crap. All available.   VV patchwork shorts(36), NWT VV seersucker club shorts(36), vintage BB patchwork madras pants     Levi's Made & Crafted jean jacket. Size 0(Small)     Mountain Hardwear monkey fleece, vintage colorful Marmot shell     Southern Marsh(M), Southern Tide x 2(40)     BB patchwork madras(XL), Etro x 2(43)     Cortefeil lambswool, Todd Snyder thick cotton cardigan(medium)     RLPL linen(M), Stefano Ricci silk(XXL),...
 I picked one up for around that recently with a Bank of America embroidering on the back. Still sold for a decent profit.
 Haha no, not thrifted. E-thrifted.
Some other stuff from the past couple of days. All available. Sorry for potato pics.   Kid's VV ties. N/A already gone.     Marmot shell, vintage Patagonia fleece-lined shell, Mountain Hardwear poodle jacket.      Found a ray ban case and found these in it. New G-15 replacement lenses.     SuitSupply 15.75 neck gingham, new Talbott Bespoke gingham     Lilly pulitzer cotton cable knit(M), Peter Millar 100% cash v-neck(L)     Burberry London...
Thrift fit. Really love this jacket. Stephan Schneider memory coat in jade. Fuckboy time.  
New Posts  All Forums: