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Sorta dry lately. Both available. Alden shell tassels 9C in color #8 and Florsheim Imperial longwing shells 11.5B.   
 Just for future reference, as opposed to not being helpful: the creasing gives it away as not being shell. Shell doesn't crease like that, it rolls.   Like so. 
 Why not my size?
What the fuck is going on here?
 Could be. I was basing it off of looks alone. Hard to differentiate from that angle without feeling it myself lol
 Looks like shell from here.
 Women's jacket. Probably just a mao collar blazer.
Some stuff from Monday.  [[SPOILER]]
Will post the rest of yesterdays haul later. This was probably the best piece. Available before it goes to ebay if you really want it.   Wool, angora, cashgora blend. Tagged 52L but more like a 42R. Working cuffs, dual vents.      
Finally over being sick. Feel like it's been a week now. Some stuff from before I was sick, all available:   Brioni navy embroidered tonal paisley. Medium.   RLPL 100% linen. 17.5 neck. 35ish sleeves I think.     Recent Zegna Su Misura, Bizzocchi, 7 fold Borrelli     VV starfish, Holiday & Brown whale tie, Longchamp, beautiful Dolcepunta  
New Posts  All Forums: