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Some random stuff from the past couple of days. Had very little free time due to house hunting.   3 x Kent Wang polos. All size L. Pop for me. Found 5 all together but gave @Fashionablemale 2 of them as he was at the same store as I was.         VV party shirt for kids! Size 4T.       2 NWT VV ties.  
 Yeah, the show had some great costume design. It's probably custom made whether by MG or another random maker. You could attempt to match up the jacket by googling "boardwalk empire al capone". Maybe you'll have some luck! 
 Boardwalk Empire was an HBO tv show(and a great one at that) which had Al Capone as a character in the show. Could be a prop from the show. Can you grab some pics? Judging by the show they really liked dressing him in wide, peak lapels.
 100% my size. Hope I can work something out for it.
 The answer is always yes if you're happy with your purchase. If it fits and you like it, then absolutely.
 Can I get a size check on this motherfucker?
Too lazy to find my own Hermes to reference so this is what he means.  
 Twill angle and color on the inside of the tie just point to real for me. I've only found like 5-6 personally but I can usually spot a fake Hermes pretty easily. 
 He's referencing the thread loop that's usually under the blade folds but it could be on the other end as well. Either way, real in my opinion.
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