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 Yeah I found that out after I got home. Thanks! Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing other shoes of theirs in this style.
These were cool enough to buy. 10D and available.    
It was a joke I was sure you'd get.
A little help. Can someone help me pinpoint the years they used this label? Maybe I'm just bad at google but I can't find shit.     Also found   2 x Yohji wide leg wool/cotton pants     and this is most definitely the Tommy I'm looking for:  
That shit that make your soul burn slow.
The last pair of sneakers I sold on ebay were some What The Kobe's and I got the same type of messages even though I knew they were real.
Knowledge is the most important part of thrifting. Learn as much as you can.
 Check the tag inside, Nudie usually gives a fairly good description of them. I'd assume they're raw. Look pretty slim so maybe Thin Finn's? Self edges have a distinct look. 
Not selvedge if you were curious.
Some recent stuff. Available as always.                   38R       Recent BB suit x 2, recent Boss suit.     Carhartt Work in Progress Tee. Medium     Ferragamo loafers, Agnes B boots.     XXL     16     15.5     16             I never buy Ed Hardy but this was honestly just too nice and cool to pass up.      
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