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 I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks, Doc!
I'd also be really easy to spot. I don't think anyone on this thread thrifts my area but I'm 6'6" so I'm sure I stand out like a sore thumb.
 I mean, that's fine but at the same time, we aren't entitled to any of that. If you want the rare piece in there, get it before she does. I see people with shit I'd love to have found but them's the breaks. If you see her with a rare piece, ask her if you can buy it after she does. I guarantee you she'd sell you a piece for $20 to immediately profit on the probably $4 or $5 she paid. Just my opinion. I actually have a working relationship with most of my competition where...
 I'm failing to grasp the argument here. Are you annoyed that they have carts full of stuff that you'd potentially like or are you annoyed that they're poor AND they have carts full of stuff you'd potentially like?
Available. 42R      
 Buy. Or proxy :P
How the fuck you look like you just woke up wearing a sweater vest and button down
Some stuff from today. All available.                                                
 Last unvented suit I sold was a Canali last month...for $120. 
 Found the exact same Tropix Togs sweatshirt a couple months ago. Easy money. I would buy dated Brioni every day of the week.
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