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  appreciate it!
two finds today...both are fucking cherry pops for me. both available   Alan McAfee 9.5D UK size       Church's Custom Grade 9EEE UK Size    
yeah, thank goodness! now to bleed this store dry.
 do it. throw at least $10 more at her!
left behind a silk/cotton Facconable sweater and a cotton Corneliani sweater as well. will probably go pick those up tomorrow >_< hopefully more of this guys stuff comes out!
so, my best day in a couple of years...1 store, 1 stop, 7 minutes, if that...all available. every SC/suit is EU56L, all pants are 38x33, T&A is 17" neck, Bastian is 17.5" T&A, Michael Bastian for Barneys  6 x Canali flat-fronts. All 38x33.  Zegna silk/wool SC. Dual vents, working cuffs. EU56L    [[SPOILER]]  Canali suit. Dual vents, working cuffs. EU56L   Canali SC. Dual vents, working cuffs. EU56L   Zegna Trofeo SC. Dual vents, working cuffs. EU56L  
 Would say Golden Fleece on the tag.
Can anyone give me some info about these?   Bought this today:     just because of this:  
 they were awesome. picked them up from Nataku but they never quite worked out for me :( passed them along at cost, though!
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