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So I've been trying to clear this up for a few days with no luck. I know how @eazye feels now. Ebay closed my seller account. Would it be bad form to post a link to the b/s/t post I make later? Don't wanna annoy people 
Stuff. Available.                                    
 Go on...
I prefer the comfortability and minimalism of CP's, Lanvin's, etc than anything from the 90's. Just me, though.
    Feel like I found the smaller twin to this Peter Millar a few days ago.    
 You'll find what you're meant to find. At least that's how I see it. I'll buy from someone's cart when necessary. I'm nosy as fuck. If I see you have something good, it gives me a timeline for when more good shit may come out(at least at the stores here since I have their stocking schedules down pretty well). In the end, it's 99% luck anyway.
 I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks, Doc!
I'd also be really easy to spot. I don't think anyone on this thread thrifts my area but I'm 6'6" so I'm sure I stand out like a sore thumb.
 I mean, that's fine but at the same time, we aren't entitled to any of that. If you want the rare piece in there, get it before she does. I see people with shit I'd love to have found but them's the breaks. If you see her with a rare piece, ask her if you can buy it after she does. I guarantee you she'd sell you a piece for $20 to immediately profit on the probably $4 or $5 she paid. Just my opinion. I actually have a working relationship with most of my competition where...
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