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I will stop the fire posts with some average shit:   Anyone know shit about these? LL Bean made in England loden wool pants. Can't find a comparable pair online but my google skills suck.                                                           4 x Charvet tuxedo shirts. All 16 x 34 I think.   
 Haha I wasn't talking about the pattern or anything. I was making a joke about your lack of wearing pants in the picture. Just joking man! It's a great jacket.
If you ever get rid of it, I got dibs.
 Wish I'd have seen these. Need some for the beach!
Welcome. I'm not saying it would look better with pants...but it might.
 Haha yep. Glad he found a good place for them. Good luck next Saturday!
 Ah, could be, I didn't zoom in. Mine were brogued captoes in patent leather but same red lining so you're good. Definitely real.
 Welcome. The AE's aren't fake. I had a similar pair of patent leathers that were bought at retail. I believe yours are these: https://www.amazon.com/Allen-Edmonds-Kendall-Oxford-Patent/dp/B000H18TXW?ie=UTF8&tag=vglnk-c2405-20
 Looks like a fireman coat.
 I consider volume days to be great days.
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