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 Tag is the giveaway. Women's RL stuff even if it has the Polo logo will never have Polo on the tag. Just says Ralph Lauren on it.
 Lots of older Hilfiger actually has the date it was made under the material tag inside the item.
Another pair of walnut AE sanford's. From same store as the ones from yesterday but not even remotely the same size. I'll take that.     All available.                
 I found a 100% linen one like 2 weeks ago tagged an XL. It's just huge comparatively.  
New England Shirt Co shirts are great they're just so full-fitting that they don't fit me well at all.   All stuff available.             Large     16.5     15. White on white nova check. So hard to properly photo :(                              
 Bag in the pocket.
 You can probably just buy a bag of replacement cuff buttons? The 2 NWT ones I have came with them.
 I won't complain at thrift prices. Luckily these don't seem to be worn very much.
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