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In the realm of things I didn't buy today:       Why does a Topman onesie exist?   However, I did buy these because I'm a child.  
 Oh, I'm not referencing that you bought it cuz I would have too...just that of all things to end with..it's that.
Stuff and more stuff. Available.                          
Today was mostly vintage stuff for me. Available, per usual.    Statis Pro Sports Illustrated games from the late 70's. All complete. One on the very right(77-78 season) has never been used.      Game issued Maryland Terrapins jersey. From 1990 or 1991. Players name on back and all but not really sure if game worn.               Fodder suits:            
Stuff/crap/whatever. Available.   100% silk Etro. Women's 42.              
 Any chance the Vibskov is also too big? Lol
 Was my first thought, being made in France and all but not sure how to verify that. 
New one for me:   Goat leather, unlined.    
No tags at all.
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