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Some other stuff from the past couple of days. All available. Sorry for potato pics.   Kid's VV ties. N/A already gone.     Marmot shell, vintage Patagonia fleece-lined shell, Mountain Hardwear poodle jacket.      Found a ray ban case and found these in it. New G-15 replacement lenses.     SuitSupply 15.75 neck gingham, new Talbott Bespoke gingham     Lilly pulitzer cotton cable knit(M), Peter Millar 100% cash v-neck(L)     Burberry London...
Thrift fit. Really love this jacket. Stephan Schneider memory coat in jade. Fuckboy time.  
 Shit, you should get more for that than I will for the Kiton. Isn't that the exact same one that someone else thrifted and sold for $800 in 30 mins? Awesome find.
 I'd rather have the P-wing personally. Always wanted one and never found shit haha. 
There's more than this but really it's just fodder comparatively. Available and shit.   Alden 954 shell cordovan single strap monks. 8.5D. Reeeeeally clean.       And then this.         Patch pockets, dual vents, working cuffs, unstructured build. EU50. Will measure it out later.
Need to give shoutouts to @white collar @Koala-T @snackbandit @va230815 @rhz5001 for the stuff they've sent me over the past month. You guys are fucking awesome. Almost forgot. Thanks to @Van Veen as well.
Blue suede Common Projects. Size 45/12. Ethrifted for myself and they were a bit too tight. Will pass along for what I paid.      
So the shitty ice storm kept me couped up yesterday. So I hit a few stores today. All available, per usual.   2 x TNF full zips. Size men's L.       2 x NAU technical jackets. These are cool as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Size SMALL or I'd be keeping.       Synchilla vest. Size L.     BBBF cotton cardigan. Can't find size. Probably closest to a BBBF1     St John Collection. Medium.     Couple of Southern Marsh shirts. Mediums.     New tag PRL...
Need a little help.   Hopsack?  
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