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 Needs more gaudy branding.
 Haha maybe. It's way more bright than my pic shows. Seersucker as well. I'll probably rock it at the beach myself.
 Trying to work up the balls to wear this one day: 
Finally went out again. All available. Sorry for the incredibly shitty pics.   RLPL cotton pajamas. XL     VV x 5. Top to bottom: Large, Large, Medium, Large, Medium(NWT)     Some sweaters. Armani roll-hem(L), Polo cotton/cash(XL), Massimo Dutti cash, wool, silk, NWT VV quarter zip     North Face Summit Series Gore Tex jacket. Medium I think     Brioni(Large), Pendleton(Large), Asprey(this is a thing right? XL), Vince flannel(XL),...
 Blackwatch sells. Not sure what I could say is "up" with it. Except for it's easy $$$.
Little help here. I rarely ask this but maybe I'm just having a brainfart day:     Cantarelli?     Any idea on this one? Thanks!
Been kinda shitty lately but found these.          
At least you guys got some sleep! Up doing shipping all night and thrifting starts in an hour 30 >_<
 I would assume Rancourt but I have no way of proving that.
 Bout 99% sure no. I think it's just some random tag, tbh.
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