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 Seems like a fancy way of saying embossed leather.
Only thing I've really found in a few days of not really going out. Available. Pretty awesome, though. Definitely one of my favorite finds but not the most expensive.   Adidas 1994 world cup reversible raincoat. Really awesome. Would keep if 1 size bigger.        
@Fueco any idea how old this is? Or what to call it in a listing?      
Things one does not want to wake up to:       A 50 foot pine tree crushing your car is probably up there.
 Appreciate it. Whoever had them made had a small ass head! Actually, scratch that. It seems the head size was in "punti" measurements and I have no idea what the fuck that is. 
These are good right? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I don't know shit about hats.      
Today's crap. All available.   VV patchwork shorts(36), NWT VV seersucker club shorts(36), vintage BB patchwork madras pants     Levi's Made & Crafted jean jacket. Size 0(Small)     Mountain Hardwear monkey fleece, vintage colorful Marmot shell     Southern Marsh(M), Southern Tide x 2(40)     BB patchwork madras(XL), Etro x 2(43)     Cortefeil lambswool, Todd Snyder thick cotton cardigan(medium)     RLPL linen(M), Stefano Ricci silk(XXL),...
 I picked one up for around that recently with a Bank of America embroidering on the back. Still sold for a decent profit.
 Haha no, not thrifted. E-thrifted.
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