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Stuff from the past couple days. All available. I apologize if too many pictures.                                                                                            
Thanks buffalo exchange. Available. Rrl are 34 x 34
 The Burberry is real and current label suiting label/tags.
 That's not the thread for pricing. I would have not bought the sweater in the first place. Also, please post all finds in 1 post instead of 1 item per post.
That's pretty cool tho
What is this? 1960's? Older Jos A Bank is really nice in my experience.      
 The originals will still be the most sought after pieces because that's just how collectors are. They want the rare shit which will be the OG stuff.
 Yah, petite. It's probably still worth buying if it's cheap enough. I've had luck selling women's stuff in that label. Vintage Helmut is where the money is tho.
 Real, women's and newer label.
 Make it work for you, man! Just figured I'd pass the info along since that's what we're all here for!
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