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 Yep, HF. For personal use, sure. But you could probably do better at that price!
 well, tom james made with H&S fabric! it is pretty recent, though and damn near unworn. tag says made in late 2011 and it still has a card stating who personally tailored it in the inner pocket  i fucking hope so.
meager finds today. Alden full-straps need some TLC. guess i'll try to polish up shoes for the first time ever!    
 damn nice. 3 Kiton SC's for $5.50 but the places around here don't put price tags on them, everything's a flat price :(
picked up a lilttle more from the same donor of my last haul. SC's and suits to come later. all available   Faconnable made in italy(17.5), Dunhill(17), Dunhill(17), Turnbull & Asser(17.5)       as well as 2 more pairs of Canali flat-fronts. size 38x33
picked this up earlier this week, wanna offer it here before ebay:         working cuffs, dual vents and it's just fucking awesome.   23" P2P, 25.5" sleeves, 19.5" shoulder, 32" BOC   open to trades or paypal
yes it is
 navy and plaids are exceptions, IMO. windowpanes sometimes as well.
couple of finds today, only pics of one, though as I had to rush after i was finished thrifting.   corneliani silk/wool suit. dual vents, flat-front pants. available!    
 how can you not cop these?
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