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No tags at all.
When I saw it...I had hope.
So, I could use some help...do you guys think this is homemade? No tags. I clearly wasn't leaving it behind because it's fucking awesome.
Stuff. Available.    Kansai O2. 100% wool.     Marni x H&M patent leather jacket. Cotton knit sleeves. Women's size 10/EU 40.     Eton Contemporary. 16.5.     Liked the colors.     Pringle lambswool cardigan. Large.     100% linen Billy Reid.     Fairly muted Skeet but still pretty nice.  
I have no idea what I've posted and what I haven't.   Uniqlo +J down parka. NWT. Small.       NWT VV 100% wool tartan plaid pants. MIUSA. 28 x 30       Size XL. Fits like a 32 waist or some small ass shit.       15.5 x 33     rare John Cena WWE shirt. Large       Varvatos 100% wool slim fit suit. 42L.    
 I paid about $23 combined.
Got these and cash from Buffalo today:     Also got rid of lots of average backlog shit. Overall, good day.
Hit a couple stores yesterday.   XL     16 neck.     Medium. J Crew moon tweed vest.    
Some stuff. Haven't really had much time. Everything available.   Cantarelli silk, linen, wool suit. Dual vents and shit. Tagged EU52L       JAB patchwork madras. 38S. Vent still basted shut.       Corneliani super 120's suit. Tagged EU54L.       Arny's sea shell tie.     100% linen Billy Reid plaid shirt. May keep for self.     Awesome Cucinelli shirt. XL. 100% cotton. Burgundy gingham with small blue dots throughout.     Anyone...
 They're Sanfords. Brag post at 6am after no sleep fail right there.
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