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I thrifted a few recently if you need any others. I believe both are mediums.
 So jealous of the Roy's. Shit's cost too much!
 Maybe @Koala-T or another 40R/S guy?
 Then good job! I've given up lots of things to people at thrifts when I can tell they're looking for themselves. Makes you feel good.
 If the suit was for him then you did a nice thing. If it was to flip then you should've just said "yes, thank you" when he offered you the pants.
 Ah, okay. These are actually long and wide-ish. At least a D width. Seem like good quality, at least. Thanks for the information!
Couple of quick potato pics of some stuff from today.   PRL lavender seersucker. Size M.     Paul Stuart dual vent tweed     Miu Miu chelsea boots. Fit about a size 12. Real?      
 Not in that spot, though. They're further down, plus gold.
What's the deal with Miu Miu shoe sizing?
 He should have no issues selling that suit for 3x what he paid as long as it's in good condition. I'd say good buy.
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