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 Thanks dude. The best I could find was this: http://www.vintageworkwear.com/2013/10/vintage-browns-beach-jackets-and-vests.html This one has the ones on the right so that'd place it in the 50's or so. Either way, I'm not gonna complain! Edit: no other tags other than the brown's beach jacket tag at the neck.
 Judging by the nipple snaps I'd say yes but this is the first I've found as well. 
Those feels when you have an average day and at your last stop of a 10 hour day, you find this:      
Pretty much everything about it.
 Too bad the Hermes was fake anyway :| 
 Fairly popular graphic polo, especially in bigger sizes.  http://www.lotiqueusa.com/#!product-page/c1i6t/8d4a2eb5-b6a5-a5bf-a451-ee67c7763a4a
About time.
Men's or women's? Buttons like a men's.        
@bboowwyy check PM's please sir. Thanks!
Thanks guys. All good shit to know for the future. Was 99% sure they were fake but with the profit margins if they were real, I wasn't gonna assume without asking.
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