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 For a bit. I'm out of shape and winded quickly. Plus, dude was just faster than me.
So, doing my normal Monday route. Guy comes up out of nowhere, grabs my wallet and takes off. Such a bullshit day. I guess, luckily, it wasn't until after my 4th store? Will post finds later or some shit.
 Try posting it over here, dude. I don't mind but it's probably just easier this way: http://www.styleforum.net/t/287214/the-un-official-thrift-buy-sell-trade-want-thread/3660
 Well, shit, maybe he was serious. I figured after the Kapital, etc pickups that he was just kidding.
 Lol he knows, hence the rolling in laughter face.
 Hard to say. What are the proportions like? I thrifted a club collar white bd that buttons like a mens but the proportions just make me think it's a women's shirt.
 Thrifted a steam mop sealed in box from a store that didn't let you test or return. Returned to Wal Mart for the same model that actually worked and saved ~$120 in the process. Then again, Wal Mart isn't exactly the most beloved business in the world.
 Haha, nah. That was my only question. Very few things I haven't found in the wild at this point and gren just happens to be one of them. I searched for good pics of the weaves so I should be able to spot it next time. I assumed it was just textured silk but I was listing and didn't want to leave it out if I was wrong.
Beautiful painting. I would have kept it but I love trees for some reason.
Also not gren? Sorry for dumb questions. Never handled a gren tie in my life since I don't wear ties. 
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