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It was a joke I was sure you'd get.
A little help. Can someone help me pinpoint the years they used this label? Maybe I'm just bad at google but I can't find shit.     Also found   2 x Yohji wide leg wool/cotton pants     and this is most definitely the Tommy I'm looking for:  
That shit that make your soul burn slow.
The last pair of sneakers I sold on ebay were some What The Kobe's and I got the same type of messages even though I knew they were real.
Knowledge is the most important part of thrifting. Learn as much as you can.
 Check the tag inside, Nudie usually gives a fairly good description of them. I'd assume they're raw. Look pretty slim so maybe Thin Finn's? Self edges have a distinct look. 
Not selvedge if you were curious.
Some recent stuff. Available as always.                   38R       Recent BB suit x 2, recent Boss suit.     Carhartt Work in Progress Tee. Medium     Ferragamo loafers, Agnes B boots.     XXL     16     15.5     16             I never buy Ed Hardy but this was honestly just too nice and cool to pass up.      
Exactly. People leave money behind every day without knowing it or just thinking it isn't worth their time. I'll take all those Joseph a bank suits.
 Competition has been full of new people for at least 2 years now. They'll probably just lose interest and move on.
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