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Pick-ups for today, all available:   Brooks Brothers. 41R, brass buttons.     Kuhlman SC 40R. Don't know shit about the brand...but the thing is awesome. Dual vents, working cuffs, ticket pocket, fantastic pattern.     Old Hickey Freeman SC. Untagged size. Somewhere around a 42R. Single vent, half lined.       My surprise of the day: MOTHERFUCKING CHERRY POPPED. Cucinelli cotton v-neck sweater.        Ted Baker size 3. Eton...
thrift fit     Alexander McQueen Thom Browne 3Sixteen Converse
Evil Abed, murdering this shit one day at a time.
that's a newer union tag. vintage would probably denote this tag or earlier:  
jesus christ evil abed.
one find, slow day, available:      
Daks makes some awesome stuff.
i did earlier!
shoutouts to shoutouts...   also big thanks to everyone i've dealt with over the past month or so, i've gotten some awesome shit. huge huge shoutout to 1 of the cool kids for being awesome as well.
bad thrift fit time:   Jacket: Michalsky puffy blazer(from ridethecliche)Shirt: BoO(from BrianG)Pants: H&M(thrifted by me)Shoes: Jack Purcell Converse thrifted by me Loving the jacket!  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: