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 No reserve.
 If you mean the CP's, women's size 11.5. CP's run big tho so probably size 10/10.5 in men's.
 They could almost pass for it but probably worn once or twice. Stone mint, though, for sure.
I like when GW doesn't know how to price something. $14.99        
 Some of those pieces are so fucking sick but all way too small for me :(
Ethrift came in. Any small guys in the market? Available.      
 It means "do not buy". Tbh, it's really a tag from a store that I can't remember the name of.
Rest of the random stuff   @Nataku what's this type of jacket called?             100% cash PRL                              
Some other crap to post but figured I'd post these. Available.          
 Men's. Also a top 3 denim of all time for me. So nice.
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