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Having a shitty couple of weeks in my personal life so I figured, why not shop! Just some stuff from short trips. All available before it hits ebay of course!   Pal Zileri Concept(44), LP textured cotton(L), BB Makers spread collar, Scotch & Soda flannel w/ side pockets(L), Billy Reid(L), Cuci(N/a, keeping for self)     I don't normally buy Topman but super minty puffer vest. Size S.     Big boy Filson twills. 42 waist.     Orvis colorful linen(L),...
Some random crap from recent(rare) trips. I'm so scatterbrained lately so apologies if anything is a duplicate. Everything available.  [[SPOILER]]
Only other real pickup lately. Someone take this off my hands before it goes to ebay. Tagged EU 56R. NWT. Beautiful texture.     [[SPOILER]]
 Lol pretty much over the past 2 weeks, though, that's it. A few other things I'll be posting later but not much.
Sorta dry lately. Both available. Alden shell tassels 9C in color #8 and Florsheim Imperial longwing shells 11.5B.   
 Just for future reference, as opposed to not being helpful: the creasing gives it away as not being shell. Shell doesn't crease like that, it rolls.   Like so. 
 Why not my size?
What the fuck is going on here?
 Could be. I was basing it off of looks alone. Hard to differentiate from that angle without feeling it myself lol
 Looks like shell from here.
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