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Non shoes for today.                  
Always available   11D. Real croc?         10.5D       11D    
Does Zelli make embossed shoes or are they all exotics?
Quick stop when I went to grab breakfast.                    
Found 6 of these recently. I think these are sorta what I'm looking for? Not my wheelhouse but figured I'd try to branch out.   6 x Herman Miller Caper Chairs. Paid about $8 per.    
 This happened a lot a few months ago. I refuse to buy from her anymore but sucks to see that it's still happening.
 Log in, click on click-n-ship, shipping history tab right above the return address.
 I'm just arguing the point in a general sense, not making any assumptions about you personally. Nothing material has value unless someone else wants it. This goes for Polo, Kiton, Zegna, whatever. They found their lane, shit blew up and now they're banking off it. I don't see what they do as any different than what someone like Spoo has done(cultivated a following that sometimes gets him premium prices for his shit). I applaud the fuck out of that.
 It's worth whatever that person was willing to pay for it. Their purchase sets the value for the item you were selling. I mean, you sell things on ebay. You don't just throw darts at random numbers to set a price for an item you're selling. You assign it a value based off of what a history of sales have dictated that item is worth. 
New Posts  All Forums: