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need to get rid of a lot of this! PM me if you're interested in any of it. just gonna dump pictures into the spoiler box below along with sizes. [[SPOILER]]
 first sentence were my exact words when it arrived
crappy work thrift fit, let's go!  [[SPOILER]]   shirt: Tyrwhitt tailored fit(thrifted by me)sweater: W+H(from da gawd 1otck)pants: Topman slim chinos(from da gawd 1otck)shoes: white purcell converse(thrifted by me) fuck work!
 well, probably more like 52L/48R. seems to drop down that way for some reason!
 those are gonna be 54L/50R in US sizing.
9 x t&a bespoke white ocbds posted from my phone since work net went down for about an hour so I didn't leave much details. they're all from the same donor and the other shirts he donated were all 17" necks, so I assume these are as well. small monograms on each that I'll have to remove but they're freshly laundered and in perfect shape. All available if anyone wants to remove them!
 first picture would drop true vintage out of the equation. 
 i wish i had the mindset to redonate. i always think i can put it in the closet and find a use for it but i never do
 the MMM is n/a NO THUMB FOR YOU
 i found that the other day. it's some no-name(corsini) but it's definitely seven fold. you'll know a seven fold when you see it!
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