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 Just play Xenoverse instead.
 T&A PJ's available? :B
Question related to selling, but not on eBay:   I have a guy on here who wants to buy shoes, what is the cheapest way to ship to Canadia? Thanks!
Meager finds for today.    H. Freeman & Sons tweed. About a 42R.       3 x Sir Pendleton jawns and 1 Pendleton board shirt with the collar loop. All size M.     Willis & Geiger BD? Is this Willis & Geiger okay?       Ralph Lauren cotton scarf.  
 You back in LA?
 Best: 3 Kiton jackets first time I ever thrifted. $5 total. 6 recent Oxxford jackets about 2 months later for ~$30 total.  Worst: Every other day.
I'm really in need of slim selvedge in 36-38 waist and 34" inseam as well as slim chinos in those sizes. I'm much more of a trader than a purchaser so hit me up if you have anything to move!
 Seriously. I hate the measuring part!
 I think he meant your experiences in selling BB stuffs.
 Looks like a hunting jacket with the shell pockets on there.
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