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 I like em both. I just ethrifted another Julius piece I'll post soon :D
 I'd prefer to trade it for something just as baller but just a little bit bigger :( Maybe someone with a Rick piece will want to swap!
Really hate to get rid of this but it's just a bit to small. I'm open to trades for items of similar quality and similar stylings. Also open to trades for things in my size in general. Rick, Raf, TVA, Geller, Julius, Doma, etc. Let me know!   Has been worn twice. Still have tags.
Sad day for me. Got this about a month ago and as much as I'd like to say it works, it's just a little too small. I'd love to trade for something similar in terms of quality and cut. I love the aesthetic.   Julius goat leather moto. Asymmetrical zip and shit. Amazing quality and details. Size 4. I've worn it probably twice. Still have the tags and everything.              
 Had an argument at my PO about this. The lady didn't know this was the case(it seems to only be the case for online postage purchase) and tried to get me to pay more.
 Suits = regional rate box A all day long!
 I don't think it looks bad. Try to find a size 40 and compare. As long as it's comfortable on you and you don't think there's any restrictions in your movement and shit then fuck it, rock that shit.
Some stuff from today and yesterday. Tried to fight through sickness to thrift, hopefully it's worth it at the end of the week. All available.   Vintage Tommy Hilfiger sailing jacket. N/A given to a friend.     Patagonia men's better sweater vest. Size L     Pastel patchwork madras. 46R.     Vintage Camp 7 down vest. Needs to be cleaned up. XL     J. Crew quilted workwear vest. Medium.     Patagonia retro-x(I think?) vest. Size...
Hit Charlotte as I do every Monday. I feel like crap so I'll post my haul later. This, however, was easily the best thing I found and perhaps ever found:       No hood or zip-in liner but fuck it. Size medium and available.
I can't stop laughing.
New Posts  All Forums: