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 It's just for show. They look like selvedge.
So, with the tree smashing onto my car, I need to move a few things as fast as I can. Open to reasonable offers on these two. Both pairs are dark burgundy but my pictures turned out black. Apologies. Alden 954 shell cordovan single-strap monks. 8.5D.   [[SPOILER]]   Alden 2160 shell cordovan straight-tip oxfords. 13D.    [[SPOILER]]   Again, I'm open to reasonable offers. If I've dealt with you before, you already know I try to give as much of a hook up as I can! I will...
First day out in like a week. All available.    Super recent Tom James Ventura. H&S fabric, working cuffs, dual vents. 42-44     Zegna wool & silk. Dual vents, etc. EU52     H. Freeman navy pinstripe suit. 38S-40S     HF Loro Piana super 120's suit. 43L I think.     E-thrift. Freeman Sporting Club shacket. NWT. Size S     Willis & Geiger, Burb London(15.5), 2 x Ben Silver tuxedo shirts(16)     Burb London, Ben Silver     Bruce Cameron...
 Dang. Let me know if you decide to part with a weekender :|
 I was thinking late 80's early 90's on the colors alone. Thanks dude! Will be cool to hear what they come up with. 
 Seems like a fancy way of saying embossed leather.
Only thing I've really found in a few days of not really going out. Available. Pretty awesome, though. Definitely one of my favorite finds but not the most expensive.   Adidas 1994 world cup reversible raincoat. Really awesome. Would keep if 1 size bigger.        
@Fueco any idea how old this is? Or what to call it in a listing?      
Things one does not want to wake up to:       A 50 foot pine tree crushing your car is probably up there.
 Appreciate it. Whoever had them made had a small ass head! Actually, scratch that. It seems the head size was in "punti" measurements and I have no idea what the fuck that is. 
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