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 Thrifted a steam mop sealed in box from a store that didn't let you test or return. Returned to Wal Mart for the same model that actually worked and saved ~$120 in the process. Then again, Wal Mart isn't exactly the most beloved business in the world.
 Haha, nah. That was my only question. Very few things I haven't found in the wild at this point and gren just happens to be one of them. I searched for good pics of the weaves so I should be able to spot it next time. I assumed it was just textured silk but I was listing and didn't want to leave it out if I was wrong.
Beautiful painting. I would have kept it but I love trees for some reason.
Also not gren? Sorry for dumb questions. Never handled a gren tie in my life since I don't wear ties. 
Since I've never found a gren tie, I'm ashamed to have to ask:     Just a textured silk weave and not gren, right?
Some stuff from today. All available.   Southwick linen. 42R       Oxxford. 42R.       Ferragamo checker block. Such a great pattern. Medium.     Brioni. XXL     4 fold? Great tie either way.       4 x Incotex flat-fronts. 1 x Super 120, 2 x Super 100, 1 x Chinolino. All same donor and 34 x 29.           Also a Paul & Shark sweater I picked up for myself. Small hole but whatever, I like it. 
nice meeting ya dude!
 Thread needs more SW&D, Chet. Say it ain't so!
 Well, considering the size I'd like to call it "mine". Otherwise, I have no information.
That LB linen is awesome @David P70 
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