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Legitimacy check please?   Found this jacket and since I don't know much about Versace, I figured I'd ask. I took a risk, so we'll see. Has medusa head lining as well.     Also found this huge Chanel scarf.            This was at the same church thrift where I found 3 Kiton's and those Isaia trousers a couple weeks back so I figured it was worth the gamble this time.
Quick stops today. Still have 1 more store to hit after I eat lunch and stuff. all is available. Apparently now that I look for shoes...I find them.   AE Park Avenue's 8.5D in really good shape.          will post others after lunch!
stopped at a shop i frequent on the way home and popped a cherry. my first aldens. size 10 1/2B, available         Pendleton scarf(another first)  
Oxxford. Both available, both 44T. The blue one is thin(tried to show it in last pic)and for summer, I presume. I really love the red/black lining as well.          
realized a store i thought was closed because i never saw anyone there, was not...so i walked out with 2 44T Oxxford SC's. will snap pics later but it's safe to say I'm happy about it!
maybe this means I can buy an impeach the president 45 for less than $200 now lol
random stuff today.    trafalgar. first time finding any.     some baller ass dual vented tweeds with patch pockets. both tagged 38L       AE Tribeca's 8.5D     Orvis. Tagged 38R.     And my favorite find of the day:  
appreciate it. i was surprised it got so high and the buyer already paid >:D
so, i put that ps1 game up for 75 BIN at the start of the auction   http://www.ebay.com/itm/121264966358?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1561.l2649   auction ends at $85. I dont' understand some people.
I have a pair of Bally Nando in amazing condition. Size 9 1/2D and some of the softest leather I've ever felt! Made in Switzerland and they look barely worn. $50 shipped or willing to trade, for sure. I love to trade :D        
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