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only found a couple of things today.   2 v-neck sweaters. Brooks Brothers 100% lambswool. Made in England. Size 44. Byford 100% cashmere, Made in England. Size 44. Both available.  
Towerfall Ascension and Infamous will be miiiiiiiine. Probably Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, too.
The 3sixteens are so good. Still trying to break them in but wearing them thrifting every time I go out!
was shirt day at goodwill, i guess. all from same store. available   5x Turnbull & Asser. 18x45/46     Zegna(16.5/42), Robert Talbott Carmel(17.5/35)     picked up a saks 5th ave silk/linen/wool SC in 40L as well.
 Sure is. I brainfarted.
 Pour Homme is the good YSL label. I just picked this up cuz it was awesome.
went back to pick up the burberry and hit a few new stores. not too bad, will try to go to them more often even though they're 45 minutes away. all available. HF pinstripe. Tagged 40R.    [[SPOILER]]   Dual vented Corneliani. Super 110's. Tagged 42R.   [[SPOILER]]   dual vented YSL SC with patch pockets. sleeves are too short for me otherwise I'd keep this all day. No tagged size. Around a 38-39R, considering the fit.    [[SPOILER]]   Burberry London 3/2 SC. No tagged...
 seems to be from the late 80's. nice jacket either way!
 so good
60's-80's music is most of what I've listened to since I was like...14.  I'm not that young ^_^
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