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 It's cool. Just tell me if the JP and Belgium shit is for a tall dude and we're good. Thanks in advance 
Sometimes ebay is genuinely helpful. Had a buyer open a NAD claim on a pair of Bruno Magli's saying they had no life left in the soles. I don't accept returns but I accepted anyway. It's been 15 days and no shipment, no messages, nothing. Ebay closed case in my favor with a single call. Thanks ebay!
Agreed. I use gsp and actually like it
 I assumed he meant GSP since he's a newer seller. 
The "free shipping" only applies to you sending it to ebay's shipping headquarters in KY. The buyer pays for international shipping directly to ebay.
 TBF I only scooped because all sweaters/sweatshirts were a buck(hooray for cheap Ben Silver). Looked right but again, def could be wrong. Not a big deal either way I guess!
 Gave it to a friend who loves that 90's shit. Fake or not, I'm sure he'll rock it so I guess it's a moot point! Appreciate it, though. I'd just assume you are right.
 Would surprise me. Checked out that I saw but I've been wrong before haha.
Stuffs from today. All available.   Sammy 100% lambswool. Dual vents, etc. 44L.     Barbour zip-out liner aka quilted vest. Has some white shit on the bottom but I'm sure I can find a use for it. Florsheim imperial shell longwings. Size 11C. Brown in color.     Ben Silver 100% wool knit sweater(XXL), vintage made in USA Tommy sweatshirt. XL     Wimminz. St John Sport pants(Size 6), Max Mara pants(Size 12), VV cotton/cashmere button up sweater(Medium), St...
 Is that NWT tie a Charles Tyrwhitt?
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