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 It was one of the ones not thrifted. Straight from retail so definitely not fake.  http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/thom-browne-cotton-pique-henley/4024461
 Yeah, for things like bespoke items I can kinda understand. This was on a North Face fleece that I clearly stated all measurements for haha. Makes no sense. 
Spoo Live Crew or 2 Live Spoo should be the winner. 
Will never understand why buyers request returns because they say an item doesn't fit when you clearly provide measurements. How hard is it to read the listing you're bidding on?
Mixture of thrifts and discount stores. All available.   Size 12.       Size L. 100% wool Ibex full zip.       Fjallraven greenland parka. Size XL     Billy Reid wool sweater. Size L.     Filson hunting shirt. Medium.     NWOT Thom Browne made in japan henley. Size 2.       Apolis overdyed indigo ss button down. XL.  
Some stuffs. Available   Paul Smith NWOT. Size L.     NWT Jack Spade hopsack sc. Triple patch pockets, all that good shit. 44R.  
 Haha, that's probably true but this thread wouldn't be nearly as fun without those people! In reality, if any new poster has any questions, feel free to PM me. I've extended this offer to plenty of people before. I don't know everything but I know quite a bit. 
 It's not even close to saying "Fuck you noob, I had to do it, so should you". Look at his responses, he's acting appalled that he would get some sort of backlash(and not from me) for asking questions when, if you think about how long this thread has been going on, have been answered probably 100's of times. I have no issues with the guy but he got super defensive from the jump. This thread is far from insular and we've had SO many new posters even since I've been here....
Getting my fuckboy on:       Rick Owens DrkShdw gimp hoodie(deep discount) Rag & Bone tee(deep discount) Naked & Famous indigo stretch selvedge(from @Koala-T) Common Projects(from @Takai)
I always gloss over for interesting fabrics before anything. If that fails, it's probably gonna be a shitty 5 minute pick through crappy sc's.
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