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Please don't look at his "wrestling singlet with enhancer pouch".   I give up.
 Step 1. Unplug it Step 2. Office Space it Step 3. Buy an Epson or search around for one of the old school Xerox jawns that are indestructible. 
First time out in at least a month. Glad to be back into the swing of things. All available. Sorry for bad pics.   Mountain Hardwear women's shell.     Skeet, Ledbury(16), Kiton x 2(17)     St John Collection leather jacket. Size 8.     MHL Margaret Howell sweater. Medium.     Oxxford gray birdseye suit. Super 110's. 42R.  
Some selvedge. Perhaps some from my closet coming later but not sure what all I want to come off with right now. Open to offers, as before. The Stronghold. Tagged 29. Slim-straight. 31 x 29   [[SPOILER]]   The Stronghold. Tagged 34. Non-fuckboy fit. 36 x 30   [[SPOILER]]   The Stronghold. Tagged 38. Non-fuckboy fit. 38 x 28   [[SPOILER]]   The Stronghold. Tagged 36. Non-fuckboy fit. 36 x 37.   [[SPOILER]]  Ralph Lauren Purple Label pajama set. Perfect condition. Size XL.  ...
 No idea haha I haven't caught up on it from my break. Why aren't you posting over there?
 I find it really hard to do adequate pics of jeans lol never comes out right
So, we're moving to Charlotte and I need to sell some things. Some things from my closet, some not. Open to offers. Sort of urgent to get rid of some of these since I'm broke lol. Measurements and more pictures in spoilers. If you have any questions about a specific item, feel free to PM me.  Turnbull & Asser blue, white, yellow check dress shirt. 15.5 neck.   [[SPOILER]]  Ben Silver blue, white microcheck. 15.5 x 33.   [[SPOILER]]  Norse Projects Emil Albers check shirt....
 Absolutely not.
Needs more Robin Hood: Men in Tights
 Seemingly heart failure. Used steroids so anything's possible, I guess.
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