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 It's not even close to saying "Fuck you noob, I had to do it, so should you". Look at his responses, he's acting appalled that he would get some sort of backlash(and not from me) for asking questions when, if you think about how long this thread has been going on, have been answered probably 100's of times. I have no issues with the guy but he got super defensive from the jump. This thread is far from insular and we've had SO many new posters even since I've been here....
Getting my fuckboy on:       Rick Owens DrkShdw gimp hoodie(deep discount) Rag & Bone tee(deep discount) Naked & Famous indigo stretch selvedge(from @Koala-T) Common Projects(from @Takai)
I always gloss over for interesting fabrics before anything. If that fails, it's probably gonna be a shitty 5 minute pick through crappy sc's.
 That's pretty much it, though. Either spend money, learn from mistakes, read thread or read thread, spend money, learn from mistakes. You'll eventually have to do all 3 regardless of the order you take it in. Hell, take a month of looking at what other people post and you can glean tons of information from just that.  At the same time, you can post what you want. Just don't be surprised if some people don't really care about seeing it if it's not something they like. No...
 I'm not sure any of your posts were met with dickishness, to be fair. You got super defensive off of a simple off-handed statement from eazy. You asked for more of a basic tutorial as opposed to having to read the thread earlier, so I'd assume people would glean that you were just looking for an easy way out and wouldn't bother reading the information on the site. If you're here to learn, that's cool. There's tons of resources on this site. Just use them wisely.
 Making mistakes is a big part of it. I wasted tons of money at first but I wish I hadn't haha.
 I don't think anyone's saying you shouldn't post because you didn't find whatever. As someone who's new to this, take your time to read through the threads instead of contributing right away. It will make the transition much smoother. The easiest part of thrifting is spending your money, the hardest part is spending your money wisely.
 Depends. With as many lames who would go see it for the novelty of Just a Friend, I would probably stay home haha.
 No other tags. Let me know if you're able to find anything! Just want to be sure so I don't mislead any buyer on what it is and shit like that. Thanks dude!
Nice stuff, Spoo.   @Fueco since this is your wheelhouse, how would you title this?    
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