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At least you guys got some sleep! Up doing shipping all night and thrifting starts in an hour 30 >_<
 I would assume Rancourt but I have no way of proving that.
 Bout 99% sure no. I think it's just some random tag, tbh.
 Good stuff. Those Zegna Couture's are awesome!
Crap I found today, all available:   New Southern Proper repp, Paul Stuart, bleeding madras Talbott, Ben Silver, Southwick, BB Makers, Oakley HIjinx     W&G flannel.     vintage PRL made in USA tweed. Bellows pockets and shit.       +J cotton blazer. Peak lapels, dual vents.     NWT J. Crew Thompson cotton blazer.     And now for a few things I don't know shit about. Maybe @Fueco or @Nataku can help.   North Face ski pants? Climbing pants?...
 His pre-edit post wasn't bad but realistically, I'm glad he edited it. No need for a political argument in here.
Poorly lit thrift fit pic? Sure.  
 Thanks, sir. Heard nothing but good things so gonna give them a shot.
Can someone remind me of the name of the dry cleaners/company in AZ who does an amazing job? For some reason is it's escaping me right now.
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