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 '84, I think. 
 It's all good, thanks dude. Just saw the brown label and thought that's what I was looking for. Will keep that in mind for next time.
Thanks dude, a first for me in that case.
Rest of stuff from today. All available. Apologies for the glut of pictures. Timberland Boot Co(10), Alden shortwing shells(10.5), AE orthotics  Brioni Roman Style Suit? Legit check pls.  [[SPOILER]]  JAB patchwork madras SC. Vent still basted. 48R  Armani Collezioni wool cardigan. XL  Norman Hilton staple navy SC. 44R  Unstructured Boss SC. Usually don't pick it up but this thing is nice. 42R  2 x Zegna, T&A barrel cuff, Mischka  Canali dual vent, J. Crew moon...
 Haha yeah I got you. I just wasn't gonna leave em behind for what I paid. I thought about PM'ing him to see if he still did all that.
 Nah, it's a pair of Alden 974 shell shortwings. I picked these up today and clearly I wasn't going to leave them. Just have some stuffs on them.  [[SPOILER]]
Quick question as I really haven't had to deal with this before but what's a good way to clean stuff off of shoes without damaging them? 
 Almost all the time haha. I also think Church's had "paris, new york, london, milan" on their shoes at one point. At least I think I thrifted a pair that did a couple of years ago.
 99% sure it'll be Church's.
 For sure! Sounds like a great haul overall.
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