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I don't know why I'm following up a Kiton suit with this, but it's one of the more awesome SC's I've found in a while. 43R and available if anyone wants it.      
Allen Edmonds Bridgeton brogued tassel loafers. Size 8D. Available if this is actually someone's style :P      
lolol i work in a hotel. only full length mirrors in the place are in the rooms!
I had a guy last week walk around me to look at shirts. He walked literally 6-7 shirts in front of where I was, turned around and said "will you get off my ass?". I just asked him if he was serious, since he literally just walked up to me and did that shit. He looked like he wanted to fight after a few minutes of talking shit...that would've been fun.
in conjunction with the shoes that I have in the post above. I'm moving so I need to get rid of A LOT OF STUFF. i will listen to all reasonable offers, i really don't want to move all of this stuff. if you're interested in something, just let me know and i'll get exact measurements. I'm at work while posting this so I won't have them listed on some of them. I'll throw in a tie with each item bought or something, i don't know but they gotta go! Since I can't remember how to...
never done this before. shitty thrift pic, sorry for the phone selfie from work, no less.   shirt: thom browne(from eazy) pants: samurai cords(from nataku) shoes: clark desert boots(from jebarne)  
 They all look like money to me.
couple pairs of shoes.   AE Park Avenue size 8.5D. They're brown and in great shape. $55 shipped or best offer.         Alden full--strap loafers. Burgundy and also in great shape. Size 10.5B. $65 shipped or best offer.      
Full haul from today. All available.    Loro Piana 18/35     Versace Couture 3 button SC. Medusa lining, Versace buttons, single vent. Tagged EU54     Made in Ireland shetland wool sweater. Size S     Woolrich thick sweater. Size M     Vineyard Vines whale logo sweater. Size XL     Patagonia organic cotton LS collared shirt. Tagged XXL, fits more like an XL. It's kinda awesome.     J Crew trench. Size M. Why can I never find this in my...
 Thank you sir.
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