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 Deets on where you thrift. Just give me like a week to tear the stores down.
 Would rock that knit so fucking hard.
 Uniqlo maybe?
 No problem, dude.
 All good, dude! Selvedge will look like this:  Doesn't have to be red. The seams are very distinct, though.
 Good shit there but the Levi's aren't selvedge. 
Thrift fit. Can't decide if I like the jacket or not.   [[SPOILER]]
 That's a "better sweater". Easy $50+. I have a men's better sweater vest up in that same color and it's almost at $70.
 Much better!
 That auction was for the classic Raekwon Snow Beach jawn, I'm pretty sure, but he did damn good picking it up.
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