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Other crap.                                  
Kinda slow here recently.   Some accessories, which I hardly ever find.        
Found my first American Giant last week but it's a women's XL. Unwashed burgundy hoodie. Thing is super solid.
 I don't think you're gonna have to worry about it!
 Ordered. Thanks mang.
 I'm thinking they could be passable with some elbow grease. Why not?
 Have you only called once? I'd try to call back to speak to a more reasonable person. Once you ship the item it's no longer your concern, really, since ebay is the one shipping it internationally.
 What's the problem? I've sold probably 100 items through GSP and haven't had any issues.
 Suit jacket. Giveaway is the "W34" on the jacket size tag. Check for the pants!
New Posts  All Forums: