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 Thanks dude! If my girlfriend didn't think I looked like a rapist with it on, I'd keep it but ya know, she wins. Not sure why she hates trenches so much haha.
100% silk Aquascutum trench. Looking to get $75 shipped OBO.   Measurements:   Chest: 22.5" Arms(Raglan sleeves so measured from right below middle of collar): 34" Length from BOC: 45"      
I'd tentatively be interested in any cool SW&D stuff. If there's even a possibility that the store carried any lol
 I'd kill for that DL speed. Long time, Snoogz!
 That's really not that bad depending on what you're using it for?
 Yeah. Dope shit either way.
 Fucking @TheNeedMachine always balling out.
Didn't pick up that much today, just wanted to post a couple of the things I copped today. Will post the rest tomorrow.   Lanvin highs. Saks Off Fifth price fuck up. Picked up for $60 NWOB in my size. Grail acquired!       Nike Air Royal Harris Tweeds. Size 8.5. Available.    
 You look like someone is outside of your window taking a shit in the yard.
 Probably. Album is polarizing.
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