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I'm assuming there's like 10 pages of shit I don't even need to read if I want to catch up to the thread, right?
 Thanks mang. Has a few spots but I'm sure they'll come out.
Some crap. All available.                                        
Our dogs.  
I bought some stuff. Hoping some of the pants for the 5-6 Oxxford orphan's I've found over the last couple of days start showing up.   46L, dual vent.       Oxford cloth, medium.                 Tucker Blair size 42.     AE 36.     AE 36     AE 36     Old made in USA Cole Haan braces.  
 Last S5A suit I bought and sold went for like $130. I never leave em behind!
That BB blackwatch @cpmac7 
@Nataku or anyone else into military stuff. Am I in the right ballpark here?    
Available stuffs                      
I'm too lazy to do PPU but it'd probably be like $3.50 or less on every haul since everything is so cheap here.
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