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It does. Women's M, made in USA. Will grab pics of label when home.
Found this yesterday. I would keep it but @sashae is awesome and just sent me something very similar to this.    RLBL 100% linen. Size XL. Available. Long-sleeve as well.       Is this a vintage Patagonia snap-t? Women's M. Available.  
I don't have anyone here who's interested in learning. My cousin is a bum and even he refuses to put in the time to learn so whatever.    I have told a couple of other flippers I see at stores about brands they weren't aware of and passed over, though.
 Next time, just say no!
 If that CDG had longer sleeves...all mine. Christ that thing is awesome(so is the Yohji coat).
Peter Millar 100% linen. 42R. Available. Dual vents and completely unstructured.    
 If they've already been soaked before, you can just hand wash them. If not, I'd just say fuck it and wear them that way. 
If that first one is a BB4 you can cop for me :B
Random stuff from today. All available.   Coppley 100% cashmere SC. Beautiful color. 44L.       Dunn & Co dual vented Harris tweed. Fits about a 44L as well.       Samuelsohn blue windowpane suit. 44R     Hickey Freeman Loro Piana super 130's suit.     Vintage Reebok Greg Norman collection windbreaker. This shit is awesome. Medium       2 x Arcteryx quarter zip fleeces. Size XL.  
Happy Thanksgiving, guys. 
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