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Too lazy to find my own Hermes to reference so this is what he means.  
 Twill angle and color on the inside of the tie just point to real for me. I've only found like 5-6 personally but I can usually spot a fake Hermes pretty easily. 
 He's referencing the thread loop that's usually under the blade folds but it could be on the other end as well. Either way, real in my opinion.
 Judging by the angle of the twill, I'd say real. 
 Velvet is a cotton.
Fixed that for you
Went to drop some stuff off at the tailor and hit the closest store. All available.   Oxxford's are 48R's, dual vents, half-lined.                Ethrift.      
Has anyone had luck removing monograms from the chest of shirts? If so, PM me please. Thanks!
Forgot a few things:   Represent Clothing Co made in England for myself. Really dig the style of it.     VV marlin tie, Sulka.     And can ANYONE tell me why these exist. I mean, I had to buy them just because but it's just not something I expected to see.         Kenzo Paris motherfucking chopsticks. 
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