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 I couldn't see the Polo Sport in the other. Could be real. Seems off to me but I'm not the authority.
 Polo knit looks really fake. Tag as well as the knit itself.
Took it easy the past few days. Bunch of potentially average shit. Available if you want.                           Deadstock without tags.                                 Canali's, Corn's and EZ's are all EU 60L's
Found this to be strange enough to buy. Retail was apparently around 1k.      
 There's 3. Solar Red's(pictured), Red October's and the Pure Platinum's. All 3 go for stupid money but October's go for way more than the others. Luckily the other 2 look much better.
 Solar Red's.
 That'll probably come from Japan before Europe.
30 listings knocked out by 9am. What am I doing with my life
 It's Cav Empt and I'm interested if it measures out to my size.
 It's fake, not suspect :P
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