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I have some things I need to move. Trying to get tickets to Jersey Boys for the end of this month for my GF and they're apparently expensive!   Norman Hilton POW suit w/ dope bright blue overcheck. 43 Reg. Flat-front pants. Vented and shit.  [[SPOILER]]   H. Freeman bespoke suit. Working cuffs, dual vents. Single-pleat on the pants. 44R-ish.  [[SPOILER]]  H. Freeman multi-color houndstooth suit. 40L. Single-vent and flat-front pants. Partially lined as well.  [[SPOILER]]...
Notified by Paypal this morning that someone is trying to do a credit card charge back >_<
 Would rock that Filson either way, good stuff!
The feels when I leave a Patagonia down jacket behind cuz there's a line and I was running late for work...   ...and it's not there when I go back 2 1/2 hours later.
Not much lately. I do love finding vintage trad stuff tho: 46L and available if interested.      
Grats dude!
 This was for 1 of my recent Zegna's. Waste of time for sure.
 If his name is Hullyepta, don't bother responding to him. Dude has been asking me questions on  $20 tie I have up. I told him I wasn't jumping through hoops to sell him a $20 tie and left it at that. He's also done the same thing to 1otck.
 Hopefully you'll feel better soon, man!
Just a heads up and a question:   Any of you ps4 guys downloaded the Star Wars Battlefront open beta? It's pretty fun. 40 man multiplayer on Hoth is Kreygasm.
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