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 depending on the type of weave it can be taken out and unnoticeable anyway. i'd never leave high-end brands behind with a small monogram -_-
had like 5 minutes to burn before work so made a quick stop...too bad i didn't have time to search the whole store...   15-38 available. small monogram on cuff :(  
aquascutum made in england tweed jacket. 3/2 roll, triple patch pockets...etc. single-vent, whatever, whatever. someone take it off my hands. Tagged 43R.        
legit?     thing is like 3 foot by 3 foot or some shit   other finds:   RLPL velvet!!! trousers. 34" waist. available     RLPL shirt. Size XL. Available  
i'd camp out looking for the jackets!
 i drive a 2011 Kia Sorento. 23ish city, 31 highway. Comfortable as hell since I'm always in it.
let me know as well.
grabbed a gray TM Lewin suit, size 41R. dual vents, flat front pants and all that cool stuff. also grabbed one in black(41R). popped my cherry on a pair of incotex(38x30ish) as well! pics later, whenever I get home from work. all available!
Another picture dump of available items. Reasonable offers will get any of it.   [[SPOILER]]
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