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Any kind US based souls offering to proxy for TheCorner? London based here.
hi guys,   any free shipping codes coming out soon? thanks in advance!
they will still stretch. so sizing down at least 1 is recommended, otherwise you'll end up with sagging jeans in a few weeks.
yeah, it appears the PS are now TTS. i got a new pair on monday, size 28, waist measured 28" exactly. thank god, it will help clear a lot of confusion.
on another note, got a brand new pair of PS in size 28 this morning, sized down 3 as i'm looking for a skinny fit. as i wore them first i couldn't even get to the second button. 3 hours later, i can button it all the way up, but it feels tight... can i expect it to be more comfortable in a week or so? on my previous pairs i had only sized down 1 and ended up with sagging jeans after a couple of months.   and btw, i measured them as i got them out of the bag, size 28...
  interested too.
anyone got this seasons peruvian knit? usually an M on their knits but this looks large/long so thinking of a small.   http://www.tresbienshop.com/brand/our-legacy/peruvian-knitted-roundneck-camel   and being a linen-silk mix, should i expect it to stretch?
here you go:   http://www.endclothing.co.uk/our-legacy-generation-shirt-2.html
Long shot but I'm looking to buy a medium of this OL shirt from last season, for full price. Please PM if you're willing to sell. TIA!    
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