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 These are great.   I hope this isn't a stupid question - but how do you go about starting a custom order about this?  I thought I read earlier that you had to contact Paul Grangaard - is that still the method? Thanks!
Are these still for sale?  The later pictures appear to show a different condition.   thanks, Jeff
Maybe they look around and see more wide people than narrow people!I wear 10C in Barrie, and it's hit or miss on availability. I wish I could get some of Leathersoul's and others shoes in narrow, but I understand when they order a batch that is not a "preorder" they don't order Cs.
990, the least favorite among my 3 pairs, worn today due to the rain later
3rd Barrie this week - 990
I love the Barrie last and I love my purple shoes!
That's exactly how any tailor would shorten jeans. She cut off the hem and moved it up to preserve the original bottom. There is no going back.
I wouldn't worry about the separating parts. That is simply the sole-welt joint showing. It happens on all my shoes. If the soles don't develop holes, they are still ok. From the toe photo, looks like you wear the toes hard. I recommend toe taps after the next resole. Will give you a lot more use out of a recraft. Finally, don't worry about damaging the shoes. Take care of the uppers and the cobbler or recrafter will take care of the rest.
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