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i can confirm. i am slim pants
cool story bro
$500 for a bag just seems a lot to me.
ive had a look at their stuff before. Im not looking to fork out $500 for a bag
have you guys heard of Copper River Bags? They create full grain leather bags at what looks like a very good price.
not sure about the difference in quality but tm lewin have a much wider range and you can get 4 for $160
which vendor would provide the cheapest shipping costs for shoes to spain?
quick question for guys with meermins and other shoe experts. My feet are about 26cms by 10.8cms. Judging from the information in the meermin thread I should go with a size 8.5 because of the additional width?And wouldn't going up a half size make the shoe crease differently?
Im planning on buying a couple pairs so I want to make sure I get the right fit. My feet are 26cm long and 10.5cm wide (which is slightly wider than average). Would the 8uk in the Hiro last fit or would you guys suggest sizing up to an 8.5?
i can grow my mustache out to about 5mm lol   asiangenes/10
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