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So last weekend I purchased my first pair of Alden shell cordovans (PTB, no. 8).  The next morning I take a no more than 20 minute walk through the streets of Boston.  When I get back, I notice that the front tips of my soles are frayed.  Upon closer inspection, I notice that the soles got soaked just walking around in the damp (not raining!) morning.  Lesson learned - do not wear new leather soles in anything but totally dry weather/indoors.  So stupid.    The...
Free shipping for returns is really generous, but it's increasingly common.  There's Zappos, of course, but also Bonobos.com and Ledbury.com.  So I would have read the line the same way as the OP, but I also would not have cared much about paying the return shipping. 
  So I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first pair of Aldens (PTB, number 8) last weekend in Boston.  I wore them out the next morning for about a twenty minute walk and when I came home it looked like the front/tip of my soles were melting as the leather was frayed and protruding somewhat.  Although it wasn't raining, it was damp, and I noticed that the new soles had sucked up a lot of water.  Lesson learned:  never walk about hard streets on new soles that...
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