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Great shoes. If these were size 9 I'd be all over this. I love my Limmer Lightweights and have visited Limmer in Jackson, NH. Great guys, great hiking boots.
Okay, fair enough. Just know that when you look at your feet, that your shoes are rooting for the Patriots! 
NewYorkRanger seems like a cool guy on these boards, and looking at his profile I see that he's an historian like myself.  We'd probably get along famously. But I have to say, especially after watching the end of the game yesterday, that I hate his hockey team.    I'll just assume, to give the benefit of the doubt, that NewYorkRanger happens to be a rabid Pats fan. In which case, I'll overlook his hockey allegiances, misguided as they may be, and move on. Please Sir,...
I don't purchase ties often, maybe I'll pick up one or two every five years or so.  And when I do buy ties, I only do so with steep discounts. Just a few hours ago, for instance, I picked up two ties at the Neiman Marcus final clearance sale in Copley Plaza, Boston.  I paid $70 for a sevenfold wool Isaia, and $110 for a sevenfold Kiton.  That's more than I like to spend on ties, but I think these two ties are beautiful and they both fill color and/or texture gaps in my...
Glad some folks like the laces, they're benjos that I got at Allen Edmonds. Just one size, trimmed for the chukkas.   http://www.allenedmonds.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/producti_SF10000RW_1_40000000001_-1
I love it. I'm a round toe guy and these shoes are fantastic. I can appreciate pointy shoes on others, but i don't feel comfortable in them myself.  Anyway, first I discover Alden and now Vass?  I obviously need a lot more money.  
New forum member and new Alden fan here.  Here's my story.  So this holiday season I resolved to retool my wardrobe.  I'm a 40 year old humanities academic who never really stopped dressing like an impoverished grad student.  I have some nice things, but they're all performance gear related to hiking.  For instance, smartwool baselayers, Limmer hiking boots, Arc Teryx goretex jacket/pants.  But I don't have any nice office clothes, and nowhere is this more obvious than...
So I recently purchased a few pair of Alden cordovans in the barrie last.  I have plenty of room in an 8.5 D on them.  But I also purchased a pair of suede chukka - but in 9D.  Although I have a finger of space between my big toe and the end of the shoe on the suede chukkas, the toe box still feels tight.  Does this stretch out or give way over time (today is the first time I'm wearing them out)?  I don't know if sizing up would help or if there would be simply too much...
Giving this thread a bump because I, too, am having this issue.  I have nearly a thumb of space between my toe and the end of the shoe, but it still feels "tight" around my big toe.  Kinda weird.  I have lots of room in a barrie last 8.5 D, but on the suede chukka in 9D it's a snug fit. 
8.5 D  
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