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IceBreaker is great, but don't forget about Ibex.  Love Smartwool, too, but the quality seems to be down the last few years.    I, too, will only wear wool underwear. Why o why aren't there more wool dress socks and tshirt options?!
I'm looking at a few Saks branded suits that the sales associate tells me are Isaia. He says it's a new arrangement between Saks and Isaia and when the suits come up in his computer system they actually say "Isaia". I was looking for confirmation on this, maybe someone can confirm.  This was about three weeks ago, Boston store.    Great looking suits, too, I should say. About $1,000. 
Someone said that there's a way to search the New York Alden Store inventory online.  For the life of me I can't find this, could someone post a link?
I don't like cotton as a material for underwear (including tshirts or socks).  I prefer the wicking and odor control of wool, so I've been slowly converting all of these items to Icebreaker, Ibex, or Smartwool.  Some might find these itchy, but I don't. For instance, I bought my father a Smartwool baselayer a few years ago and he hated it compared to Patagonia capilene.  He found the wool itchy.    Anyway, some good ideas have been thrown out there on this thread,...
Interested, I just have a few other things that are a priority at the moment. This is one of my favorite Allen Edmonds.
"Black Allen Edmonds Park Avenues. Seems like everyone has a pair/recommends a pair. The best thing that can be said is that they are not ugly and are perfect for funerals."   Wow, I couldn't agree more.  Thought I was the only one who thought this . . .
blue blazer with gold buttons (reminds me of middle school days) black shoes crew neck sweaters shorts (unless I'm in the gym, working out, or at a beach) pocket squares    
This food guide is amazing:   Also, if you're into watches, go to a department store and look at some Grand Seikos.  They are terrific watches, and they are not readily available outside of Japan/Asia.  Someday I would love to own one:  
So I just bought my first pair of real trousers - a pair of super 130 Incotex from Barneys.  So what should I do?  I guess bring it back and have them try alterations one more time?  Just take them to a different tailor?  BTW, the hemming/crotch taken in cost $30 for these at Barneys.  Is that a good deal?  This is my index finger sticking through the hole from the inside.  Wonder what happened here . . .  
Great shoes. If these were size 9 I'd be all over this. I love my Limmer Lightweights and have visited Limmer in Jackson, NH. Great guys, great hiking boots.
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