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I second the question, what jeans are these? They look great.
Great shoe, no doubt, but redundant for you.  Wait and get whiskey or ravello lwb.  Easy choice, except you need patience and discipline to execute it.  If you have to get something now, number 8 lwb would make more sense, IMHO.  
Gorgeous shoes. Enjoy.
I bought these at BB two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I listened to the salesmen who said that the heel slippage would go away when these were broken in.  Alas, these are simply too big for me and so I have to sell them and size down on my next pair.  They retail for $598, but I just want to unload them - so all I'm asking for is $250. From the pictures you can see some adhesive on the bottom of the tongue on the right shoe.  This will come off - it's from a tongue pad the...
You know the product:  the gorgeous Alden snuff suede chukka book, here in size 9D, perfect for the spring and summer.  I bought these in January and have worn them about 7 times.  They are in great shape, have never been wet or in any way mistreated.  I hate to sell them but the long and the short of it is I screwed up and bought a size too small and too narrow (I need a size 9.5 E).  Now that the warm weather is coming these shoes are perfect, and I need a size that...
I also only buy Aldens in cordovan or suede.  For regular calfskin I buy Allen Edmonds or Crockett and Jones, with a strong preference for C&J.  Wish I had some Vass, too.   
I went to a top boarding school and one day, in the spring of my senior year, my AP English teacher told the class something I'll never forget.  She said that when we were in college, we should be intimidated by our classmates who hadn't gone to fancy New England boarding schools - not the other way around - because they had got to the same place we had without all of the advantages we had been given.  It was good advice.   Anyway, just work hard, be kind, respect...
When I graduated from boarding school in Massachusetts it was common for the jocks to wear bow ties. But they did so while wearing beaten up loafers, untucked shirts, baseball hats, and otherwise challenging the dress code.  The bow tie look was especially popular among my lacrosse team friends. But here's the rub. This was a small boarding school in the northeast AND we were the biggest athletes in the school.  Interesting for me to learn that this look is no longer...
I think the key to wearing a bow tie in high school is to make it the most formal part of the outfit.   That is, couple it with sneakers (Adidas sambas or gazelles) and a crumpled baseball hat.  Otherwise, it comes across as a bit much and, sorry to say, it invites bullying.  I think you can pull off this look, just incorporate some conspicuously informal elements.     Welcome to the forum.  I think you will find some helpful and kind people here.      
Regarding price normalcy post 2008 and BB discounts, this is the BB web page from December 2005, courtesy of the Internet Archives Wayback Machine: [=http://web.archive.org/web/20051230122637/http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatSectionView.process?IWAction=Load&Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=207][/] Steep discounts have been the norm at BB for awhile now, though i think you are very much correct that they are more frequent and aggressive post financial meltdown.
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