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If made in USA is of real importance, look at Munro American.  In truth, we've never found anything comparable to men's shoes except for Crockett and Jones women's line. And we've been looking for years.  
My wife has been asking this question for years.  She has bought a few shoes from the Crockett and Jones womens collection.  Yesterday we made a trip into NYC to see the Varda store.  She bought two pair, and is happy with them.
Welcome!  The fact that you live in So. Cal. is an important consideration.  For instance, here in Boston I only wear loafers in the summer - but boy do I wear them all summer long.   So I'm with you in regard to loafers.  If I lived in So. Cal, I'd probably never take my unlined Brooks Brothers LHS off, except to put on my new ravello LHS.  If you were to supplement your loafer collection, maybe a pair of Crockett and Jones Harvard loafers or a pair of John Lobb Lopez...
  Go wider.  I had the same problem, and while the shoe has loosened up, it's still a bit annoying/not perfect.  The shoe I have is a snuff suede chukka. Also be warned, after a few months my suede chukka is falling apart at the seams.  Very disappointed in the build quality of this shoe. If anyone wants, I'll post the photo evidence.  
  I would go 8.5D and wear thin socks if need be. These do loosen up as the insole molds to your feet. Adding an insole to take up volume in this model is pretty much impossible, so be sure not to go too big, as there's really no fix. Tongue pads feel awful on the Lhs, too. 8.5d, no question.  
The too snug shoe is a suede chukka. It's 9d, but I really could have gone with a 9e or even as big as a 9.5 d (I tried these larger sizes later to confirm). The 9d has stretched a bit, so I can wear it, but I know a larger size would have been better.
I wear 8.5 d in the Barrie and bought a 9d Leydon, which is too snug. I wish I went with a 9e or 9.5d.
You answered while I was typing.
I second the question, what jeans are these? They look great.
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