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Just in time for spring, here is a pair of lightly worn, genuine shell cordovan Alden loafers in the hard to find ravello color.  This shoe is on the Van last, which runs .5 large, so although the listed size is 8.5, it wears more like a standard U.S. size 9.     I bought these loafers from the Shoemart in April 2012.  Only worn in nice weather in the summer, these shoes have little wear.  In fact, they need some more breaking...
Pretty much identical post to my first Styleforum post about a year ago. After initial alarm at similar wear on my ptb on their maiden voyage in a Boston winter, my shoes have broken in nicely. My advice is to wear and enjoy your stuff (no toe/heel taps) and just get them resoled when the time comes. Shoes look great, by the way!
I agree with this, with the only addition that maybe I would go for 974 balmoral instead of the #8 LWB.  The blucher doesn't go as well with a suit, IMHO, which makes the 974 slightly more versatile.  But, really, you can't go wrong.
  Yes, this makes sense.  Most Internet sellers have a point of no return, after which you cannot cancel, or edit an order.  So when the suit arrives, you will have to return it by mail or to a store, both of which are fairly easy.   When I order a suit online from BB, it usually takes me at least another 7 days after I have the item in hand to get it ready to wear, since my tailor takes at least 7 days turn around time to finish sleeves, etc.  So if I were in your...
My shirts never see the inside of a drier. I hang dry them for about 90 minutes, and then iron them when they are still semi damp. Ironing is a bit of a pain, but it's easier when the shirts are a bit damp. Also, hang drying makes the shirts last longer. The non non-iron shirts feel much nicer against the skin than the non-iron shirts, I like not having a shirt that is filled with chemicals.
Although I buy a lot of my clothing at BB, I do not think their ties are worthwhile.  They seem rather flimsy, even in the Golden Fleece range.  My price point for ties is roughly $50-$100, and so I wait for deals on brands such as Thomas Pink, Drakes, and the occasional Isaia or Kiton.  You can find deals on these at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or online (A Suitable Wardrobe, Ben Silver, etc.).  
Thank you for clearing this up!  Much appreciated.  
Do you know if the Alden of San Francisco Ravello LWB have black edge trim or natural/antique edge trim?     Thanks!
Today only, Filson bags are 40 percent off at Brooks Brothers.  I was surprised to see Filson products included in the sale.  
I wear the same size in the van LHS and the barrie PTB/barrie lwb.
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