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How does the PZ compared to this JP Tilford?   Thanks for all the help so far :)        
Is that based on the quality of the garmet?
Hi Everyone,   I'm in the process of looking for a wedding suit and trying to find the brand that best suits me.   I have narrowed it down to the following:   -Armani Collezioni S Line (OTR) - Black Suit -Pal Zileri Abito Pavito (MTM) - Grey Suit   I have tried on other brands but they don't fit me as well.   Here are my impressions on each:   Armani (38S) - fits the best OTR but there is some wrinkles in the sleeves. The fabric is not a soft on the body it...
OP I'm in the same boat as you - have you found anything else on PZ Abita Privato?
Hey, does anyone with an athletic build have any experience with the Granoro model? I've been doing some research but a lot of individuals here are 5'10"+, slim, and wearing a 38-42 which doesn't help me at all.   I'm about 5'6" @ 160lbs with a 31" waist. I'm a 40S and how would the Granoro compare to a Canali or Hugo Boss 40S, as this suits fits really well on me. The alterations are usually just taking in around the waist.   Thanks.
I was looking at the exact same thing - did anyone find out the brand of that valet box?
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