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It didn't feel overly tight. I was quite concerned about the wrinkles on the PZ and hoped the MTM program could fix it.
 For the Pal Zileri, are you saying the shoulder width is too large or are you referring to the sleeves (wrinkles and dimples under the shoulder)? What exactly needs fixing on the PZ?
How does the PZ compared to this JP Tilford?   Thanks for all the help so far :)        
Is that based on the quality of the garmet?
Hi Everyone,   I'm in the process of looking for a wedding suit and trying to find the brand that best suits me.   I have narrowed it down to the following:   -Armani Collezioni S Line (OTR) - Black Suit -Pal Zileri Abito Pavito (MTM) - Grey Suit   I have tried on other brands but they don't fit me as well.   Here are my impressions on each:   Armani (38S) - fits the best OTR but there is some wrinkles in the sleeves. The fabric is not a soft on the body it...
OP I'm in the same boat as you - have you found anything else on PZ Abita Privato?
Hey, does anyone with an athletic build have any experience with the Granoro model? I've been doing some research but a lot of individuals here are 5'10"+, slim, and wearing a 38-42 which doesn't help me at all.   I'm about 5'6" @ 160lbs with a 31" waist. I'm a 40S and how would the Granoro compare to a Canali or Hugo Boss 40S, as this suits fits really well on me. The alterations are usually just taking in around the waist.   Thanks.
I was looking at the exact same thing - did anyone find out the brand of that valet box?
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