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Sanguis   I dont know what to make of you and here is why:   Fact 1: You claim to live in Cambridge, UK Fact 2: You claim to have visited the only brick and mortar shop that would naturally fit an SFer here,i.e, Ede & Ravenscroft , for the grand total of a single time Fact 3: You claim that there is nothing in Ede & Ravenscroft that fits your size Fact 4: You thought that Hugo Boss had a shop in the only shopping mall in the city centre when that shop...
Dont have much experience with them. Bought a 'sample' from Yoox for £30- to try it out- which turned up to be 5 years old and have the widest cuffs in living memory. Tried to use it to shine my shoes- even at that it was no good so binned it in 5 days   Have another one bought at a sale in a department store which while acceptable is far from great   Are some of these things any good? Are they worth the low price/wide variety in Yoox?     how do they...
well Sanguis tells me he has been in E&R only once in his life   For an SFer with a million postsand living in Cambridge that sounds like BS to me   where else to pick up good quality shirts for less than £ 40 in cambridge during sales.   PS- About the E&R to KGC, I measured it at 156 paces last year. But I have a broad stride   Dead Blood is either a fraud or afraid to meet fellow SFers. My round any time- Lets meet at the Pickerel Inn- hell if i feel generous i might...
does that mean US clients will not have to pay any VAT at all?
  Sanguis mortum   do you actually live in fen town or is your location total BS? I smell a rat   Test question, how many windows are there in the E&R shop that face Silver Street?  
  dont be confused you can always go to Anthony in Trinity Street and get an equally bad deal in a Brick and Mortar shop
Thanks for the PSA   I knew  things were rough for those poor city  boys but had no idea how bad. On the other hand I am one of the idiots that was left with what at last count was a £40 billion bill for bailing these guys out
great to know that money is of no issue to you.  
Come on you cant expect me to be a nice guy when I am attacked, like by spoo.   sure i did personally name malphord but that is because his recent actions reflected exactly my buying patterns with the difference that I did not hoard to sell. London has 8 million people but only a 'few' SFers I guess. Naturally he is no better or worst than many other people who use SF mostly for $ purposes. So it is nothing personal, i never met him (although next time i see some walk...
hidden!, lol   it was pretty obvious after the second post at least   if you are taking the vow of omerta' because you were told so by previous posters then too bad- but i have no hidden agendas- it is all above board
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