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oh my, I come back to this forum after 4 days and there are no answers??   not even an insulting or ignorant reply? jeebus dont you people care about RTW shirts?   this forum is in trouble, first it becomes impossible to sell, now it is impossible to get an opinion
First the good news: you are in luck as I am told that all Cheaney's are 0,2 bigger on the right foot. So any 10.5 pair will fit you just right Now the bad news: they are all low quality shoes not worth more than $200- and so I feel you are about to make a big  mistake          
From personal experience- i.e buying/wearing at least 5 of each in the last 2 years:  Pal Zileri Sartoriale   My 'comparable' comparison points are: RLPL, T&A Sea Island , Loro Piana (cotton), Brioni, Zegna couture, Lorenzini (own brand), Truzzi, Barba, ...   -   -    
why is that so Mr Ich?   How many Cheaney shoes have you handled personally, in say the last 9 months?   I have had the 'pleasure' many times and even purchased 3 pairs and stand by my opinion. (Naturally I made sure I payed the 'right' price)   As for the 'bullocks' I fear you may be referring to your current offerings - unfortunately  
when brands go down they will use the 'halo effect' for all it is worth.   Grenson are now being sold all over design-wear shops in England, with design wear quality for design wear prices for design wear loving people. That is their proposition. It is your decision    
    how much does it take for it to become clear that a company is producing sub-par shoes across the board?        
When you get down to it there is only one problem with TF shoes and that is the price   If priced 30% lower they would make sense but as it is they dont. On the other hand there seem to be plenty of generous souls in the US willing to partake with almost $900 for Barker Blacks -so I guess anything goes for some people   lol at this jeff13007 character that thinks TFs are the only cap toes that can be worn with jeans. As always it is all a matter of subjective...
Cheaney today is a 'buy at your own risk' kind of proposition   they are definitely exploring the bottom of the market with some shoes i have seen- but god knows whether that is a trend affecting all lines   bottom line: dont risk it unless you 'have' to
thanks for that sterling contribution spoo   however what i would like to know is where do Corneliani main line shirts stand regarding main line  e.g Canali, Barba, Zileri, Truzzi and the other usual italian suspects  
i think you asking too little for such elegant and versatile shoes  
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