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PS   one day I will tell you how many shoes I have bought in the last three years and I can tell you i spent more on those - despite always buying at at least 40% discount   ah and by the way , no cent has ever gone the way of spoo , ichie, malford or any of the pushers  that prowl in these woods. thank god for that
no BS.   I just try hard to ge the best prices and enjoy the hunt. that means that I rarely pay more than £100 for  a shirt.e.g  I have some 15-20 RLPLs all bought between £35 and £70. I have never payed more than £70 for a cotton Loro Piana, (although I had to go higher for the cotton-cashmere naturally), just this sales season I bought 4 Truzzis in one day at £39, I never payed more than £75 for all the Zegna coutures I have, etc. Zileri Sartoriale retail at about £350...
that is all very nice but the stock- at least what i care about- is pitifully scarce.   80% off something i dont want is pretty much worthless   any ideas when new autumn/winter stock will show up?
dicks like you. cant resist them   now stick to the subject
regarding the subject matter   - I am always amazed when fit is mentioned as a big issue in what concerns RTW shirts. I mean unless we talking Hilditch & Key (non slim fit) where the only way it fits well is if you are the typical obese american or are trying to smuggle a family of mexicans into the country- how can anyone argue that a RTW shirt is better than the other because it fits him so well when everybody here has totally different body shapes. So please fit...
here is   There is no point in spending too much time with a parasite like spoo.   Surely he has a following from poor souls who think he is giving them great deals but that cant be helped. There are fools everywhere.   I despise what spoo represents, but wont go in any further details since from experience he will be going back to the moderators to ban me like the little bitch that he is. oops
OK lets see what the cat dragged in
  NB: I am not a newbie- I have just died a lot on here. That is why spoo loves me so much. I have called his (and others) BS many times.   threads about RTW shirts are not like threads about say RTW shoes, because:   -the variety of offers under consideration is much larger   -the quality of the product/number of lines inside each brand changes at least as fastl   -shoes have much clearer quality markers   these means that the amount of global...
LOL at all this trusting/relying of/on these tags.   Those things are easier to replicate than a made in china ralph lauren polo shirt by a made in china fake ralph lauren polo shirt   as we all should know by now the famous adage 'On the internet nobody knows you are dog ' is king    
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