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Alabama state zoo is not representative. On the other hand people that live in alabama are often confused, so there is nothing to worry about.
monkey man   read the rest of the thread- you are starting to look a little foolish.      
bildenberg is a red arrow   I just left one of the underground secret meetings in Davos. Where best to hide a secret world conspiracy meeting, than inside a public world conspiracy meeting   PS- I wont be buying from you either  
in any case since i have been disturbing the force lately, so from experience i fear i may be killed off at any time soon. it is about money after all.   so i will probably be re-incarnating under another name at any time  
check my post history   i would rather pay msrp than feed spoo, ichie or malford.   I follow zoo rules when i go to BS- I never feed the animals. I wouldn't mind buying from an occasional seller but for sharks i use the zoo rules
all these years on here and i never stop being surprised by how much insecurity pervades this place   90% of posters need to be in the groupthink otherwise they may fall foul of the 'rules' and if someone like me stirs a little controversy, it is all 'fuck you', 'ban him'. etc   hell, tps16 felt obliged to apologize in advance before going against the grain   this shows how this forum is so screwed up. Take it easy, dont be a follower and dont hate   PS I dont hate spoo,...
actually let me admit that i just found something worthwhile. Just bought a nice 20% cashmere Barbera camel overcoat for £220. good deal.
come on i am not being silly   like i told you there is no point in having 80% off something you dont care for   naturally if you either just like buying stuff or dont care too much what you are buying then fine, but if you like to buy something nice then no inventory= useless discount    I just browsed the blazer section and there is nothing from top brands- except a fugly Loro piana and some cashmere cucinellis   Some other stuff is just funny like £350...
i have 2 months of winter in front of me, not spring   i dont buy stuff to be worn that far ahead.
i get payed by him to promote the brand. you think i am posting for free?
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