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 I actually just got a new pair which made me realize how much the color of my old ones had changed in comparison.  Timeframe, idk, I probably wore them for about three years and they achieved that color for sure.  I'd say just wear them, condition them when necessary, and don't worry about it.  Mine might have been polished once or twice, I don't recall.  The aging/patina just happens, it isn't something you can "do" to a shoe. Regarding the resole, I don't have a good...
Oskar Blues has gotten pretty big at this point.  Dale's Pale Ale is the most widely available and is fairly popular, at least where I live (Boston area).  I recall also finding it in VA while visiting a few months ago.  Its a go-to for me too - simple but good pale ale and I often find cans more convenient than bottles.
looks like i have a lot of reading to do
looks there a MOMA thread w more information? can't find one through search
Must be available in brown or tan/some non-black option
Such a great boot..can't wait for the day I can afford them
 Does the new season have any side-zips with this sort of silhouette?
  I got a pair last week, definitely a very dark brown
thanks for the recommendation. from the looks of it those are probably too slim fitting for me though
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