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Will follow and might bid but don't think my budget will stretch to its selling price.   Love the graphite damier messengers/this 
Thomas Sabo.   I will take one tomorrow when I have it on at college :)
I didn't think Excel was limited but you've opened my eyes. I have Matlab on my home computer as one of my teachers gave a 10 week course on it and it's capabilities are immense and I just assumed Excel couldn't touch it.   Do you ever use Wolframalpha? I got the app on my iPhone, it's useful when you don't have access to anything that can help :)
This thread makes me want to throw some money at it (an affordable amount, I fully expect it to not go so great my first time)   Can anyone recommend any online resources that would be good to read beforehand?
Haha yeah I know   By the way, I kept my half of the damier deal, when are you sending it? 
Hmm, I guess GCSE French and German won't cut it.   I think you can take extra voluntary modules for languages at uni (including Chinese I believe) which could be a good thing to take up   I would really like to do a masters in the US afterwards just for the experience and contacts of a year there :)
A really old Rover 420 2 litre Turbo Diesel hahaha   My first car, of which I cannot drive yet but my insurance policy kicks in on the 13th Jan (my birthday)   I think the numberplate on it "3 LBE" is worth more than the car lol :/   I still don't know how I got insured on a 2 litre with no driving experience and zero no claims but not complaining~ YOU MIRIN' BRAH?
It's so competitive and I've seen far stronger applicants than myself rejected from LSE (and of course, some long shots get offers)   I can only wait and see, for now I am just concentrating on my Further Maths :)   Do you think a degree in Maths puts you in at least an equal position with someone with a degree in Economics for want of a job in the financial sector?
I apologise for not realising this was an old thread with the former post.   In reply to Sander though, sure I agree but it's always better to improve your chances at anything?   It just depends how you value the benefit.
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