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I am doing Further Maths A2 level atm but don't start my degree until September/October but I will check this out, thanks!
Man, I need to seriously bulk up! There are so many nice finds in here, sucks being 36R :/
Well I meant that it's not legit. Of course, he should definitely get his money back (and perhaps keep the jacket lol?)
You know you're fucked when your credit card bill says it's a gas station 
Yeah wrong forum but that gladiator helm tie is amazing! Tempted but I know I shouldn't :/
  Love this! Nice find :)  
Will follow and might bid but don't think my budget will stretch to its selling price.   Love the graphite damier messengers/this 
Thomas Sabo.   I will take one tomorrow when I have it on at college :)
I didn't think Excel was limited but you've opened my eyes. I have Matlab on my home computer as one of my teachers gave a 10 week course on it and it's capabilities are immense and I just assumed Excel couldn't touch it.   Do you ever use Wolframalpha? I got the app on my iPhone, it's useful when you don't have access to anything that can help :)
This thread makes me want to throw some money at it (an affordable amount, I fully expect it to not go so great my first time)   Can anyone recommend any online resources that would be good to read beforehand?
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