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Thanks for all the info. I don't see why I shouldn't get a 2:1 (or a 1st) :D
^ Awesome.   I'm so excited to drive! Insurance starts at midnight on Friday 13th (I have already passed my test just waiting for insurance)
Where did you study? And how long have you been working?   I can't express how excited I am about starting my maths degree, everyone thinks I'm weird aha!
Sex sells!
I am doing Further Maths A2 level atm but don't start my degree until September/October but I will check this out, thanks!
Man, I need to seriously bulk up! There are so many nice finds in here, sucks being 36R :/
Well I meant that it's not legit. Of course, he should definitely get his money back (and perhaps keep the jacket lol?)
You know you're fucked when your credit card bill says it's a gas station 
Yeah wrong forum but that gladiator helm tie is amazing! Tempted but I know I shouldn't :/
  Love this! Nice find :)  
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