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Oh, I know. I don't live too far from Birmingham and it really doesn't phase me    If I don't get the A* in A2 Maths I have to go to Nottingham anyway as it will be my insurance aha!
Thanks man, I appreciate everyone's genuine concern and thought put into their posts.   Can't wait to get my tie in the post too!
If I got a UCL offer I would probably ask to be switched to math with econ there too anyway.   So basically, doing maths won't put me at a distinct disadvantage when applying to brokerage firms compared to economics?   I probably won't stay with maths my whole life anyway, literally get my first job then just be addicted to work :')
Everyone in the real world told me that I should stick with maths and that employers will appreciate that a maths degree teaches you to think blah blah.   FOK.   Ah well, at least if I did make the LSE offer it would be Math with Econ xD
Very well put.   Well I do want to work for a brokerage firm and I figured a maths degree would teach me to think and I could get hired. Though, I know it isn't just that easy and have made a pretty decent contact who can get me the experience.   That being said, my application to uni has already been made, but I could quite possibly change my degree to a joint degree involving Mathematics if I have been accepted for Mathematics I think.   Out of interest, where and what...
Well I enjoy it, and I am good at it, so I don't see why I wouldn't want to do it at degree level. I think it puts me with a good chance of an IB too. Why are you so opposed?
Math with Econ (Math dominated course rather than the 50/50 Math and Econ) at LSE and pure Math everywhere else.   Good choices man.   We have the same except I chose Bath over Bristol but it was a close call but I loved the Bath campus (they are like 10 minutes away on a bus for your interest)   What grades are you applying with? and have you heard from any? I would have thought Nottingham might have given you an offer at least if you have strong grades :)
If these were 38 I would probably make you a cheeky offer taking into account you wanting to get rid of them so bad but I think they will be massive on me :(
Nice one I'll check it out!
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