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Math with Econ (Math dominated course rather than the 50/50 Math and Econ) at LSE and pure Math everywhere else.   Good choices man.   We have the same except I chose Bath over Bristol but it was a close call but I loved the Bath campus (they are like 10 minutes away on a bus for your interest)   What grades are you applying with? and have you heard from any? I would have thought Nottingham might have given you an offer at least if you have strong grades :)
If these were 38 I would probably make you a cheeky offer taking into account you wanting to get rid of them so bad but I think they will be massive on me :(
Nice one I'll check it out!
The ones you just dumped? XD
If you're wearing a $5k suit most people won't question it imo.   And those who do, will probably be shocked when you say you made it yourself and think it's quite cool that you did.   I wouldn't personally wear it, but that's because it wouldn't suit me 
I'd probably go for second hand anyway, I am a poor student, but second hand they shouldn't break the bank.   Worst case scenario I'd rather pick up some brooks brothers ones for ridiculously cheap rather than the site you suggested, but I appreciate it nonetheless    And my teeth are sexy 
I love the direction this thread has taken hahaha!   Still need to get me some thurstons though :)
36R in top brands are difficult to find sometimes and people will always be interested! 
How have your other applications gone?   Best of luck with LSE, what course?
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