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I may have got a member on here to pick me up a Burgundy and a Navy pair of BB braces from a local thrift store to him, so hopefully I will have a decent set up! :D
I wish you were a bit smaller, all of your suits are so nice, just too big :(
How do I check the generation of mine?   I have an iPhone with all my music on now instead but shipping to Toronto might be bs
I have pretty much the same suit in a 36R because I'm poor - would recommend to those on a budget - I was happy to pay about £250-300 when I got mine 
I want to move to america purely to thrift :')
Holy shit this is amazing!
  You look just like my economics teacher - it's kinda scary!
Sucks man!   That's amazing, surely you stand a very good chance with A's at university level? I bet most transfers are because people UNDERperformed!   Yeah I am pretty excited about Bath, but I think I would have to choose LSE over it! Not a massive upset if I don't get a place though :)
Although I wasn't around at the time, welcome back!    *insert shit about cars here*
The cost has never really been one of the significant factors in my choice anyway, it's not a big deal when you're talking about the rest of your life, right?   So many of my peers don't understand how the new (or old) system works and I know some very capable people are going to live at home and go to a uni that is below them just because of "costs" 
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