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My Navy and Burgundy pairs of Brooks Brothers braces are in the post on the way to my house woo!
This has been my "to watch" list for so long, thanks for reminding!    
That is beautiful!
Yeah, he managed to pick up a silk pair for himself with the fleece pattern on :) He wouldn't sell me those though, haha!
I may have got a member on here to pick me up a Burgundy and a Navy pair of BB braces from a local thrift store to him, so hopefully I will have a decent set up! :D
I wish you were a bit smaller, all of your suits are so nice, just too big :(
How do I check the generation of mine?   I have an iPhone with all my music on now instead but shipping to Toronto might be bs
I have pretty much the same suit in a 36R because I'm poor - would recommend to those on a budget - I was happy to pay about £250-300 when I got mine 
I want to move to america purely to thrift :')
Holy shit this is amazing!
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