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  Needs more dragons and shit.
How does that work?   When I have bought items from people on here, customs still does me over She is finally here!   I'm tempted but I reckon I might get done over by customs for some tax bs again 
Man, I just got done for £13.10 (like $20) for a tie I ordered from onix on here to pay tax or some shit.   Is that the same for all imports from US? Like the guy who sent me the Braces will I get done over for those by customs too?   Negasaurus rex man, how the fuck did they calculate £13.10 when I only paid $40 for the tie 
Omg this guy on the internet thinks im a batty because my hair is long //cut   You got the issues bro
I know what you meant but I just couldn't bare to see it haha!   Since watching a documentary on Noyce when I was younger I've been fascinated with the place!
The Lacoste definitely is because that is HOT!  
Haha, I try my best! I'll probably live in the US when I am older anyway, so just securing my future ;D
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