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Posts by Jorgeezy   I simply cannot find a cardigan as low cut as this (Brad Pitt), anyone know where I can get one?   I'm fully aware I won't look like Brad Pitt wearing it    (Video is funny at the start too)   Edit: My bad for not posting in ask a question instead, I totally forgot /cut
Waiting on the measurements - I am a 36R but hopefully it might be generous!
This in a 36 would be heaven 
    It's tagged a 39R but the chest and pit seem to be about what I would need I believe, and my shoulders are fairly broad.     Jacket:  Shoulder to shoulder: 20" Neck to bottom: 32" Pit to pit: 18-19" Chest: 36" shoulder to hand: 25"   The trousers that come with it are 32" which is what I need.   Thanks
I'm in the process of sorting out "work experience" at several brokerage firms through a contact for the coming summer and will really need a more impressive, staple suit to wear.   Student budget but willing to spend for the real deal (I love RLBL/RLPL cuts)   I'm a 36R 32W and ideally the trousers would have brace buttons.   I have a proxy in the US so you wouldn't necessarily have to ship to England if that would cause any problems.   Feel free to...
*cries at the lack of international shipping*   this would have set me up nice, good luck with the sale!
That is fucking sweeeeeeeeet!
Needs an anchor ha!
  Yeah I am going to order the bottom one when I have measured my wrist :D
Their effect was negated by the Narnia theme - a guy trapped in a closet    Haha, I probably shouldn't chat shit like that considering I get pissed off when people on here call me homo, but damn he is trying hard!
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