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Similar thoughts crossed my mind.   That being said, she did go to Manchester that day and buy a Louis and some Tiffany (Both of which I know are legit)   I am going to tell her to return it and get herself something anyway :)
I think just the movie would fuck me up :s   I guess it depends on what you mean by "love interest" is it literally just an interest or have you been seeing her for years? I think it would affect you more if you'd known them a week than it would 10 years (as a woman)
Only in the Senior Mathematical Challenge where I achieved Gold, but my score for the Gold wasn't high enough to get invited to the Olympiad (Around the top 800) I was referencing it because being chair of the Olympiad shows his ability and all Mathematics undergrads at Bath will be taught by him :)
True, I did choose a few chapters to read first but now I want to say I have read it all haha!
Sweet, I'm in the midlands too, not too far from Worcester :)   And what you say is very true, Nottingham is just an insurance for if I somehow didn't make the offer for whichever I firm.   I have straight A's at AS level and I think I wrote a pretty decent Personal Statement, so I can just hope for the best really!
  Got this for Christmas, bought a few small Sabo charms and shoved 'em on :)
The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose   I would suggest it to anyone who has the patience to read so many pages at a time and a slow pace to fully absorb the information as it brings with it a massive understanding of the universe, mathematically and physically :)
Have you read Liars Poker? I loved that book! I am tempted to buy Moneyball after seeing the film :D
I'm British.   I know Imperial is rated for Physics and Maths but I think UCL is pretty boss for Maths nowadays too. (And if you weren't talking about Imperial I am stumped)   Yeah, Nottingham is a back up (It would be foolish to apply to all Uni's asking for A*'s and A's) but nonetheless it is regarded as around 10th for Maths in a few tables for the UK and has some pretty decent links to employers. Where are you from?
Bath (which I will firm, given rejections from the London Uni's) and Nottingham (as my insurance choice, but I doubt I will mess up my exams)   I am really fond of the campus at Bath and the head lecturer of Mathematics is Geoff Smith MBE who chairs the British Mathematical Olympiad, so I won't be massively disheartened if I have to firm there instead.   I have also applied to UCL, which I believe is highly rated for its research and could lead to a masters in...
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