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Haha yeah I know   By the way, I kept my half of the damier deal, when are you sending it? 
Hmm, I guess GCSE French and German won't cut it.   I think you can take extra voluntary modules for languages at uni (including Chinese I believe) which could be a good thing to take up   I would really like to do a masters in the US afterwards just for the experience and contacts of a year there :)
A really old Rover 420 2 litre Turbo Diesel hahaha   My first car, of which I cannot drive yet but my insurance policy kicks in on the 13th Jan (my birthday)   I think the numberplate on it "3 LBE" is worth more than the car lol :/   I still don't know how I got insured on a 2 litre with no driving experience and zero no claims but not complaining~ YOU MIRIN' BRAH?
It's so competitive and I've seen far stronger applicants than myself rejected from LSE (and of course, some long shots get offers)   I can only wait and see, for now I am just concentrating on my Further Maths :)   Do you think a degree in Maths puts you in at least an equal position with someone with a degree in Economics for want of a job in the financial sector?
I apologise for not realising this was an old thread with the former post.   In reply to Sander though, sure I agree but it's always better to improve your chances at anything?   It just depends how you value the benefit.
Do it.   Even if the standard of teaching isn't significantly better, the fact he has gone to this school will help with his applications in later life.   For example, here in England, you stand a significantly better chance of getting into Oxbridge/London Uni's had you studied at say, Eton. This degree will then lead on to a more favourable job application (and this will also be strengthened by the aforementioned School education)   There is also the bonus...
Well it was always going to be a 1 time hit and run kinda thing, so if I get a tie from it too, all is good right? Haha Thanks for todays lesson, master! 
Put it up as in sell? It would be so awkward if she asked me to wear it or something though and I had sold it!   My tie collection is literally shameful, I bought my first Hermes off onix here the other day though :D I think I have an addiction :/
Haha good shout ter!   I don't want her having something over me though, I mean I do wanna sleep with her but still :')
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