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Do it.   Even if the standard of teaching isn't significantly better, the fact he has gone to this school will help with his applications in later life.   For example, here in England, you stand a significantly better chance of getting into Oxbridge/London Uni's had you studied at say, Eton. This degree will then lead on to a more favourable job application (and this will also be strengthened by the aforementioned School education)   There is also the bonus...
Well it was always going to be a 1 time hit and run kinda thing, so if I get a tie from it too, all is good right? Haha Thanks for todays lesson, master! 
Put it up as in sell? It would be so awkward if she asked me to wear it or something though and I had sold it!   My tie collection is literally shameful, I bought my first Hermes off onix here the other day though :D I think I have an addiction :/
Haha good shout ter!   I don't want her having something over me though, I mean I do wanna sleep with her but still :')
Similar thoughts crossed my mind.   That being said, she did go to Manchester that day and buy a Louis and some Tiffany (Both of which I know are legit)   I am going to tell her to return it and get herself something anyway :)
I think just the movie would fuck me up :s   I guess it depends on what you mean by "love interest" is it literally just an interest or have you been seeing her for years? I think it would affect you more if you'd known them a week than it would 10 years (as a woman)
Only in the Senior Mathematical Challenge where I achieved Gold, but my score for the Gold wasn't high enough to get invited to the Olympiad (Around the top 800) I was referencing it because being chair of the Olympiad shows his ability and all Mathematics undergrads at Bath will be taught by him :)
True, I did choose a few chapters to read first but now I want to say I have read it all haha!
Sweet, I'm in the midlands too, not too far from Worcester :)   And what you say is very true, Nottingham is just an insurance for if I somehow didn't make the offer for whichever I firm.   I have straight A's at AS level and I think I wrote a pretty decent Personal Statement, so I can just hope for the best really!
  Got this for Christmas, bought a few small Sabo charms and shoved 'em on :)
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