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What I have been looking for at an affordable price, but need black :(
I still visit this thread now and then just to look at the pictures... 
  Aha, I just got back on here because of exams - but no, no facepalm moment, I meant $2k spare aha.
If I had $2k I think my body would instantly grow to fit this WOW
Does anyone thrift in England? It seems like a lot more of a rarity.
Thanks for this - I need some dress shirts! Gonna try find someone to proxy :D
Y U NO 36/38? 
Interested in measurements but might be slightly too big :)
I wish I could afford this right now 
Looking to purchase a few shirts as the ones I currently own are just not well fitted/of decent quality so thought I would make this rather than check through old posts.   Neck (skin) is 15" so need a 16   Chest is 36   Love the white collar striped shirts :)   Feel free to pm me   Jorge
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